17 October, 2009

Pupil Work - Poems

Nonsense Poem

8-10  around Big Ben,

6-9 clapping in time,

3-4 demanding more,

2-5 pigs like jive,

1-3 stung by a bee,

3-7 I've never been to Devon,

1-2 playing the didgeridoo,

2-4 waiting at your door.

Computer Keyboard

I have a grey bumpy, shelly skin ,
I have tattoed words and letters all over me ,
5 legged octopus's dance and play all over me ,
I have a pet mouse which follows me everywhere.
I only have small, stubby legs.

Limerick !!!

I spoke to my dad
who has been very bad ,
he didnt care
that he spent his airfare ,
So now I can pretend I am mad!

1 comment:

  1. fantastic poems very very clever children. I hope you post a lot more.