13 January, 2011

Week in Review for the Christmas Break (updated)

Today we arrived in poland, we got here late at night and checked into our hotel and had a big sleep, the following day we had a full day of snowboarding.this morning we woke to a buffet breakfast before meeting our guides who were to teach us how to Snowboard.I was very difficult for me to snowboard, because i wasn't the proper size for my board and i ended up switching to skis near the end of the day. After we went home we headed out to a authentic polish restaurant where me and my mom and brother had a snow fight with a stranger we we were tired, so we headed back to the hotel for bed. Great sleep. we continued to build our skill throughout the week, moving to more difficult slopes. and i was fun because i could start to learn tricks on my skis. we where disappointed to leave, we had made good friends with our guides and they said that they had a ton of fun,we had just as much fun as they did. we then traveled towards Krakow and we stopped of in aushwitz a german concentration camp where the nazis killed over 1.5 million people that were either polish, jewish, gypsies or political prisoners. the whole trip was so much fun and our whole family had a great time.

Thanks M!

My family and I went to India for 1 month. First, we went to Belgium were my father's parents live and I met two old friends who were waiting for me. In the holiday we played in my house and sometimes I went to there house to play. A few days later I went to Pune to attend one of my relatives marriage. I also mate some relatives who I never mate before. I had fun at the marriage ceremony because it was totaly diffrent experience for me. After the marriage I went to my cousin's house. Then I went back to Belgium and stayed for few days and then went to Khanpur were my mother's parents live. We have a dog there, called bobby I also mate some of my old friends. On new years day I with my friends made an old man I enjoyed a lot. Then I and my family with my grandfather came back to Cairo.

Thanks P!

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  1. Hi my name is Molly Dekin. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Al. Wow, it sounds like both of you had a great Christmas break. I love to snowboard but I too am much better at skiing.
    And to go to India for a month had to be incredible. It sounds like you will have great memories from your Christmas break.

    Molly Dekinhttp://dekinmollyedm310.blogspot.com/