17 March, 2011

Week in Review for 17/03/11

In Math we learnt about angles it was hard at first then I understood it better, we learnt all the different angles. In English we started NCR's my first topic was about “How to Create a Book” then I thought of animals so I did “kittens” which was less complicated. In Inquiry we were doing posters about communities around the world I helped S with “Greenpeace” and I also helped with the “World Trade Organization”. It was due on Thursday. In music we were learning “We Are the World” (the song) and in assembly we are going to perform it on Sunday it was really fun I enjoyed it. I think I was a communicator because I communicated with my group in inquiry.

Thanks NT


  1. Hi!
    It sounds like you did a lot of fun activities this past week. You said you liked singing- do you want to be a singer? Or maybe you want to be someone who directs and communicates large groups of people, since you said you were the communicator for your inquiry group. Just saying!


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  2. I bet you had fun learning new things, and helping the organization. I always wanted to become a author of books but I have not yet finish the two books I started. Communication is the best and I am glad we have it so I type this to you.

  3. Anonymous11/4/11 16:16

    Yes, my friend NT would like to be a singer because she is interested in singing.

    Thank you for visiting our class blog.