24 March, 2011

Week in Review for 24/03/11

In this week i learned in maths quadrants it was very easy and fun. In inquiry we had to get information about a country for our model united nations on thursday. Me and Mira had to get information about Brazil also we had to make a poster and on Thursday we have to finish the posters. I learned how to present a poster and i learned lots of things about Brazil that I didnt know before.

Thanks A!

17 March, 2011

Week in Review for 17/03/11

In Math we learnt about angles it was hard at first then I understood it better, we learnt all the different angles. In English we started NCR's my first topic was about “How to Create a Book” then I thought of animals so I did “kittens” which was less complicated. In Inquiry we were doing posters about communities around the world I helped S with “Greenpeace” and I also helped with the “World Trade Organization”. It was due on Thursday. In music we were learning “We Are the World” (the song) and in assembly we are going to perform it on Sunday it was really fun I enjoyed it. I think I was a communicator because I communicated with my group in inquiry.

Thanks NT

15 March, 2011

Week in Review 10/03/11

This week we had a lot of hard work but it  was worth it as we learned a lot of new information and we increased our knowledge. This week i learned about the UN and WTO. I learned that the UN stands for the United Nations and that WTO stands for The World Trade Organization. I also learned about what the UN is and same for the WTO as they all help our world. I also learned about Journalisim writing and we did a report. I thought I did very well, thanks to this website:http://writingfun.com/. I also learned about angles and how to measure them and why they are useful. Also in maths we learned about lots of different types of diagrams such as a Carrol diagrams and Venn diagrams.

Thanks KH

04 March, 2011

Week in Review for 03/03/11.

This week I learned how to make games with a program for begginers called Scratch its very fun to make games you have to be a thinker and a risk taker and openminded and I am making games for my 10% time.I can create anything for my 10% time like drawing or making a website with information about food or making a website with games and you can create many other things. When you are finished, you have to present what you did and explain what you learned and why it was important to you.

Thanks again KM!

Week in Review 24/02/11

What I learned this past week was how to make a airplane in many ways some ways were hard some ways were easy but they were both fun after we made the airplane we had to guess what would happen to the plane I guessed that mine wouldnt fly far and when we were testing our airplanes I was right but then Mr Walsh told me to put a pin at the front of the airplane and then it flmy group was ew further because of momentum.What else I learned this past week was to make a tower with a chosen group i was put in it was complicated but also fun and we got a good result it was complicated because we had to make a tower from 4 thin sticks 1 thick stick and tape and rope and rubber bands and cardboard.Me and my group were communicators a lot and we were risk takers.What I enjoyed that it was complicated and fun at the same time and that my group and me were communicators and risktakers.

Thanks KM!