25 February, 2010

Week in Review for 11/02/10

Environmental Sciences Centre (ESC) TRIP:

2 weeks ago we went on a trip to a nearby environmental science centre. We all had groups and we did different things to the other groups. My group did acting fishing we also made food webs and we drew pictures about consumers and producers. We had luch there in very open rooms with funny doors and also there wasnt any windows there was just fly screen.

I had a great time there and i hope to go back there again.


Next week we have our Maths Week I hope it will be fun! This week my friends and i made a maths game it is 3-D snakes and ladders/monoply it is really fun.
Inquiry and english: this week we had our celebration of learning and we all got to show our parents our diaramas and our information , we also did our persuasive speeches for judging by Miss Phelps she is one of the secondary english teachers.

Week in Review 18/02/10

This week was maths week at school we each made projects for judging I was a risk-taker making my publicity motif i designed it to look like a calculator and the buttons displayed what technology uses maths to work, This worked tied into one of my new personal goals to think outside of the box and use other things i have never worked with before.

English: We have started using laptops for work learning to use them made me an inquirer i was trying to find new things to use on the computer and how different things worked. In this work I was also thinking outside of the box.

Inquiry: We have just had our celebration of learning we showed our parents all the work we have done in this unit my group made a stop-press movie and a replica of a zoo enclosure for Asian Elephants , when show different parents my work I was caring and reflective by being caring I let people talk about my work without interupting and by be reflective I let people know how much trouble our group went to, to get all of it done on time. One of my goals that I used in this is interacting with others because I worked with other people not just my friends.

04 February, 2010

Week in Review for 04/02/10

This week in year 6 we had lots of fun, we had our videos in Inquiry, we read out our persuasive writing texts and lots more things that I will explain now!



In inquiry we practiced our scripts, did the last few touches to our diaramas and then we made the videos, my group's animal is the Asian Elephant and it is much endangered! Also, the other year 6 class came to see our work because they didn't really know what to do in this project but it's normal because the project is quite difficult. We are also still working on our research papers and presentations.



In English we had to listen to a partner read their persuasive writing texts and tell them where to put more expression in what they say because some people didn't put much expression and it made what they were reading quite boring. Then, we rehearsed with our group. After that the teacher gave us a post-it note with a letter on it and he would call out a person and say "this person is letter A, B, C…" and the person with the post-it note and that letter had to mark the person reading their persuasive writing text and at the end when everyone had read their persuasive writing text we could go to break.



In maths we have been working on parallel sides and shapes with lines of symmetry which was quite fun because we got to use the mirrors and colour in the shapes! We also worked on reflecting shapes in the four quadrants and naming more difficult 2D shapes. We also got to do our maths games which was also lots of fun because the different groups had different ideas and they were all really cool!


Thanks P!

03 February, 2010