15 March, 2010


In English we are learning how to write to explain. I am writing about the human eye. For example, I have discovered that the human eye is not just an eyeball, it includes the cornea, lens, iris, pupil and a lot more things!!!!!!!
I am having so much fun in this topic because I enjoy English a lot!!!:)

Thanks M!

13 March, 2010

Week in Review for 11/03/10


This week in Maths we have been learning about mode, mean, median and range. Mode is the most often occurring number in the set of numbers you have. Mean is when you have to add all the numbers together and then divide it by the number of numbers given. Median is when you put all the numbers in order and find the one in the middle, but if they are an even set of numbers then you also have to put them in order but this time take the two numbers in the middle and add them together and then divide it by two because they are only two numbers, and that should give you the answer. Range is when you get the biggest and smallest number in your set of numbers and subtract the smallest from the largest and that would give you the range.


This week in English we had to pick a topic to do, after we had done that we had to do a KWL chart where we write all that we know and all that we want to know, next we had to research and find all the information that we needed, after we had finished our research we had to write our first draft which had to be 3 pages and size 12 and the font had to be Times New Roman and finally the title and the sub-heading could be size 18, but overall I liked it!


In Inquiry this week we have been creating catapult's which was a method of execution in the old days. We had to go in pairs. We got 3 objects which were: 10 pieces of Lego, a spoon and a cotton ball. Out of these three things we had to create our own catapult. We built the catapult with Lego then we put the spoon between the Lego and last we put the cotton ball on the spoon and we then had to drag the spoon downwards, towards the table to get a lot of power, next we had to release the spoon which would make the cotton ball fly in the air, like they did in the old days except they would put person instead of the cotton ball.


It was a fun week!


Thanks B!

12 March, 2010

A Mathematics poem!

Math poem


Math is great,

For thinking and no debate,

To open my mind and think,

I have to answer without a blink,

Math is great,

It takes my time until eight,

Not like writing, finishing my ink,

It takes my mind, like swimming till you sink,

Math is great, 

To do it with your best mate,

To finish it quickly,

But take care, the teacher marks it strictly,

Math is great,

To help you with your career state,

Its an interesting subject to study,

As it turns out to be a hobby.


Thanks B!

06 March, 2010

Catapult challenge winners

This week in Inquiry the class has started investigating forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion.


We had a contest to see which group could build a working catapult with a given set of materials in a very limited amount of time from design to testing to working model. Everyone had lots of fun and stray cotton balls were frequently seen flying through the air – having deviated from their intended course!

Great fun! Here are the winners:

First place: S & A with a distance of 3m

Second place: G, K, & P with a distance of 2m 65cm

Third place: S, D & M with a distance of 2m


We’ll be taking what we’ve learned into the coming week as we continue our investigations.

Take Care!

Mr. L

04 March, 2010

Week in Review for 03/0310

What we have been taking in Maths this week:

This week, we have been looking at Mode, Mean, Median and Range which are different kinds of average.

Mode is the most often number, if you look at the mode you will find that M and O stands for most and often.

Mean is really mean, because you have to add up all the numbers and then divide it by the number of numbers. For example you have 1, 2, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6, 10, 11; you add them up then divide them by 9 because there are 9 numbers. This is how average is usually worked out.

Median is the middle number, if you have an odd number of numbers it is only the middle after they are put in order. For example 1, 2, 3,3, 6, the three here is the median because there are five numbers. Median is not just the middle, if you have an even number, the two middle numbers added up to make the total, then it is divided by two then you get your answer.

On the other hand Range is simple because if you have 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, the range will be 9. As 10 is the biggest number and 1 is the smallest number thus 10-1 equals 9.

We have been also using Mathletics. In Mathletics you get to play games like Tutpup. If you get high score you earn credits, credits are like money where you can buy stuff. You ca. also earn weekly points if you are the winner of the week. Congratulations to Isaac H from America, he is the winner of this week.

I think we should continue using Mathletics and any other websites to do with Maths. This makes us more challenged and gives us an urge to learn Maths and be better.


Thanks A!