10 December, 2009

Trade DayReport

I have enjoyed term 1, as we had a very interesting topic which was called "The Global Marketplace". During trade day, each partner had a country, in my case it was Russia. We (my partner and I) started off with 16 units of currency and ended with 34 units of currency which was brilliant. My partner and me thought of first selling all our things and then buying all the things we needed. Everytime we bought an object or we sold one we had to record it on the balance sheet. At the end of the day, we had to work out whether we had more or less money than when we started. The Phillipines started off with 3 units and ended with 4 units of currency which was ok. They thought that bringing people to their country table was quite hard this was hard because no one wanted to listen to them as they thought they had nothing to sell to them. Egypt started with 6 units and ended with 25 units of currency which was excellent. They thought that finding all the things they needed to buy was quite hard as it seemed like no one had the things they needed.
over all me and my partener enjoyed it as we pretended to be real countries.

Thanks B

06 December, 2009

Week review of English

In english we were writing biographies about different people like Terry Fox.
We have writen lots of different biographies and also read different biographies.
Close to the end of the Topic we had to write a biographie about a person in our family as an assesment.
I learnt much about biogrphies because it tells information about other people.(Mostly about famouse people)
You can learn much about biographies.How people act, caring, helping and badness.

Week review of Inquiry

In Inquiry this week we took a peas of paper with a country on it and, used it for trade day next week.
Me and Bassem are partner and we had Russia as our country.
Bassem already found some information and me and bassem made some desings of oil barrols.
I realy like the task because it has some stiking and art.

Parental RSVP for Trade Day

Invitation to Trade Day for Parents

Here is a copy of the invitation which has gone home today:

Invitation to Year 6 TRADE DAY

You are cordially invited to my TRADE DAY event:

  • When: Tuesday, December 8th, 2009.
  • Where: All Year 6 Classes

  • Why: This is the culminating task for our Global Marketplace Unit for Inquiry. During this task, you will see me acting as a representative of a randomly selected as I attempt to buy and sell the exports and imports for my country as a member of the Global Marketplace.

  • Time: 12:40 to 1:50pm

 Please RSVP by Monday, 7th December to Mr. Lowe or the class website (http://year6l.blogspot.com)

I hope you will be able to attend!



01 December, 2009

week review of math

In maths we were learning about turning fractions into percentages. For example, 10 people were on a bus, then 8 people got of. What percent out of 100 is that? What is the fraction of that? The answer is 80% and 8/10. The way you work it out is simple. First you times 10 by 10 and 8 by ten and you have 100 and 80, then you gust make them 80%. To get the fraction you simplify the number in till it is at it's lowest form( for this example, the simplest form will be four fifths (4/5) divide the numerator by 2 and the denominator by 2 ) and then you have your answer.

Thanks D!

Invitation to Parents of Year 6L

Time: 9:30 to 10:10
Date: December 6th, 2009
Location: Year 6L (3rd floor, turn right at the top of the stairs)
Agenda: EDU20 tools and registering on the system

*Please RSVP by midnight December 3rd to the class email address (your child has it recorded in their diary)

Hope to see you here! :)

Mr. Lowe