21 March, 2014

Pause for Thought: Enthusiasm

This week's Pause for Thought is about enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic means more than being just "rah, rah!" at a big game or competition. While it is important to cheer on your team mates, that's not the sole idea behind being enthusiastic.

As a learner, being enthusiastic means being interested in learning. It means going that extra distance to answer those nagging questions about a topic you've learned in or outside of school. Enthusiasm is infectious. It builds bridges, and results in action.

Be enthusiastic about something which makes this world better.

I chose this video because it is enthusiasm in the form of a small boy. What an effort he made and he didn't give up - and what about that cheer he gave at the end. When we are enthusiastic, we get that extra joy of a job well done.

So, thinking about your learning, what are you enthusiastic about? Why are you enthusiastic about it? What have you learned by being enthusiastic about your chosen topic?


  1. Anonymous8/4/14 14:57


    We think that this video is so cute and he tried his best to score a goal. It shows us not to give up in any obstacles in our lives.


  2. Anonymous8/4/14 15:16

    he is cheerful and enthusiastic.i want to be enthusiastic because i am not that cheerful.
    why he is so cheerful?
    Hope to see more!

  3. How old is the kid? He is funny and awesome.

  4. That is really cute and awesome

  5. That was awesome.That kid is good.

  6. That is so cool. How long is has he liked soccer?

  7. Anonymous25/4/14 21:33

    Dear 5G All-Stars,
    I really loved that video. It proves no matter what your size you are destine to do great things.
    Nemo 22