15 May, 2014

Biome Bonanza

In our unit on Rainforests, we have been learning about how rainforests are created, which animals live there and why they are so important to the earth and humans. This is part of our UOI programme at school. Here are some images of the biomes we have created. Some have already sprouted!
Now, thinking about your learning, what is a biome? Why do you think some have sprouted and others haven't? How does a Rainforest work?


  1. Anonymous16/5/14 06:51

    Dear Mr. Lowe's Class,
    My name is Devin. I am a 6th grader in the USA.
    That is a really cool project! What kind of plants did you grow?
    I would really appreciate it if you guys commented on my class' blog. Here is the link: http://kidblog.org/MrsHeinesClass-3/
    I am AAADevin, if you want to comment on something I wrote. I hope you can!
    Devin :)

    1. Anonymous20/5/14 15:07

      Hi Devin,

      I will come and check out your blog!

      No clue what the seeds where, But will try to find out!

      Your sincerely,

    2. Anonymous31/5/14 10:00

      Hello Devin!

      Has your school done anything like this? I enjoyed making the biomes. You should try make one. Follow Aryanas instructions and try make your own.

      I don't know what the seeds were. They have grown a lot. They look, green, thin and tall.

      We'll see your blog! Share this blog to your friends, subscribe and comment!

      - Esme

  2. Anonymous19/5/14 12:08

    Hello Devin,

    Well it is just a normal seed i don't really know what it is? But let me tell you what we did.

    well first we were split into two groups. so the first half goes then the other half goes.

    1.We add a certain amount of soil.
    2.We needed to push the soil down with two fingers so that there is a hole.
    3.We took some seed and put it in the hole.
    4.We need to add water.
    After that one of the bottle we needed to put on the sun and the other in the dark.


  3. Anonymous20/5/14 14:56

    Hey Mr Lowe!

    I loved the project we did! It was cool. My groups biomes have gone kind of sucsessful. The one that had sunlight and medium water has sprouted, the other one, dark and lots of water, has not.

    Anyone, our quad blog friends, other visitors or other bloggers, please comment on awesome projects your school is doing!

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    Esmé - 5G NISS