25 November, 2009

Week view of Inquiry (The Global market place)

This time for my website contribution I get to pick absolutly ANYTHING we have looked at in this term, I wish to pick....THE HEALTHY COOKIE!!

This is one of the activities I liked most in our inquiry topic 'The Global Market Place' beacuse it showed us what it would feel like and how we would work together as a group to get someone to buy and spread our healthy cookies around the world.

Everyone in the group would have to take place in some job and activity, although we did have to figure out that sometimes you won't be agreeing with others or don't like your job, but the teachers were trying to make it as realistic as possible. one group didn't work together properly/together and so it got discualofied.

Our group was one of the groups that has made the more progress nad has put alot effort and I think it wasone of the best ones, besides we were very organised and communicators.

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21 November, 2009

Week in Review (Guided Reading) 19 11 09

In guided reading we have learnt to predict, visualise, write literal and inferential questions.We also drew about a sertain part of the book to know if we understud it and, to see what we visualise in our minds.
We have red lots of books but some weren't as nice as the others.

Thanks S!

20 November, 2009

Week in Review (English) 19 10 09

For several weeks we have been doing our Biographies and have been tested by the teacher by Taking notes of a family member (appearance, plans for the future, possessions etc.)
Then after we finished our notes we used them for our assessment and wrote our whole biography down.

Also we had another task where we had to pick anyone we knew and do some research about them, brainstorm, draft, edit/proofread, type in the computer and send it to Mr. L so he can put it up on the website!

Thanks M!

Week in Review (Inquiry) 19 11 09

Fair trade

In inquiry, the topic we are working on is fair trade . One of th activities we have done, was to do with wealth. Firs of all we got ten chairs and put them in a straight, line. P took up seven chairs! That left the next four people only three chairs . Wich is not fair because, there were three more who had so small a part of the chair, they couldnt sit on them, they need it so they should have more . Then we got ten people , to sit on chairs . After we got ,a sheet that had chairs . We had to draw the people in the , way we had , done it . At the bottom we had to write what we, think . I wrote " people who need more, should have more ". One of the things I had leaned is the chairs represent the , wealth . Another thing that I had,learned is people who need , more wealth should have more wealth and there is a difference between needs and wants.
Thanks S! 

Week in Review (Outings) 19 11 09

In school we have been working with a theatre. First of all we went on a trip to see their play of Cinderella. It’s not like any other Cinderella play because they choose some of us to act as some of the characters. When they don’t have enough people to act as the characters they make some of the characters shadow puppets. The other day they came to our class and we created our own shadow puppets about any fairytale we wanted, I did my shadow puppet as the fairy-godmother in Cinderella I chose that one because in the Cinderella play we saw the fairy-godmother was very funny. My friend did the genie from Aladdin but I gave her the idea! It was LOTS of fun working with the people from the theatre and I hope we work with them again soon!!!

Thanks P!

Week in Review (Mathematics)

Last few weeks we have learnt mean, median, mode and range. We leart inverse operations and frequency tables as well as calculating premiter, calculating average too.
We also leart clothes size with statistics we will be learning more about frequency tables next week!

Thanks M!

Week in Review (Mathematics) 11 09

In maths we learnt about vertical addition and vertical subtraction with 3 and 4 digit nubers. We did them with big numbers and small nubers. It was fun!

We also learnt about mean, median, mode and range. Mode is the nuber most that occurs most often. Median is the nuber in the middle after they have been in order. Mean is when you find the regular average. i liked mode the best as it is easy to find the answer and also because it is fun doing it.

Thanks B!

19 November, 2009

In 6L, we are internationally minded lifelong learners...

That means we try to meet the Learner Profile of demonstrating that we are:
  • Inquirers
  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled
  • Reflective
  • Balanced
  • Risk-Takers
  • Caring
  • Open Minded
We hope that our reflective writing here will help to demonstrate that we are working towards these on a daily basis.

6L & Mr.L

18 November, 2009

Non-Uniform Day tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

This is just a reminder that for a donation, pupils in primary school may come to school in n on-uniform. You must present the donation as soon as you enter the class.


17 November, 2009

Shadow Puppet Theatre

Year 6 was overjoyed to be entertained with a shadow puppet play today in 6L followed by a workshop where all Year 6 pupils had the opportunity to create and show off their own shadow puppets. It was a fantastic day and we will be telling you all about it later this week!

In the meantime, here are some examples of our work:

16 November, 2009

6L Parent Meeting for EDU20

Hi Everyone,

This is just to let you know that I am currently looking into a parent meeting for EDU20. I will send more information when a suitable venue and time has been arranged. Parents are asked to please bring their current, working email address with them on the day.


15 November, 2009

Puppet Theatre Workshop on Monday

Hi Everyone,

This is to remind you that the puppet theatre workshop is tomorrow. Please return your fee and permission slip tomorrow if you want to take part.


Class Assembly

This is just a reminder that the Year 6L Class assembly will be on 6th December, 2009. Parents are, of course, invited! :)

14 November, 2009

Week in Review (Inquiry) 12 11 09

The inquiry is about the global marketplace we have been talking about the black- market. trade, money, bater, etc. The global marketplace is a market that connects all the markets in the world together. The markets get the things from factories and the factories get from the farmers and producers E.G. the farmer gives the buyers the 6 chickens for $6, when the markets go by them they are worth $12 and when the people by them it is worth $18, so the farmer has less money, this isn't fair trade. Fair trade is when the price a farmer gets is enough to let his family live. We had a trip around the neighbourhood and we saw: warehouses, advert posters, oil stations and shops.

Thanks A!

13 November, 2009

Week in Review (Mathematics) 05 11 09

In the last few weeks in math my group was mostly working on the green questions. We learnt about the mean, median, range and the mode. Mean is when you asd up all of your numbers togeher and then you divide the answer by the number of numbers that you have. Meadian is the number in the middle. Mode is the number that is used the most. Range is also when you subtract the smallest number from the biddest number and the answer is the range.

Thanks M!

Week in Review (Inquiry) 05 11 09

Hello Everybody,
I'm going to tell you about what we are going to learn in inquiry.
As we just finished our last topic 'I believe' in our inquiry unit we are starting to learn about 'the global market place', which is learning about how the communities we have around us working together by trading, buying and selling.
I've found this topic very interesting with just one week of starting it.
During this topic we will be learning about money and its history, what happened before money was invented,trades,profit and loss and at the end of our topic each kid will open their own 'company' and trade sell and buy things from others. We've also already went for a walk, just around school and see how people trade, buy, sell and even how people advertise different things.
I am really up for everything we are going to learn!

Thanks M!

11 November, 2009

Writing Assessment on Thursday, 12th November.

Hi Everyone,

This is just to remind pupils in 6L that they need to make sure they bring their biography notes to class tomorrow, if they have not already done so, because these notes will be used in their assessment writing.

Good Luck!

Poppy Appeal Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Year 6L had the honour of collecting donations on behalf of the Poppy Appeal in school over the last three days. We were amazed at the demand for poppies and the willingness of people to donate to this worthwhile charity. In fact, the demand was so great that we ran out of poppies by 10:40 this morning!

Sadly, the high demand for poppies meant that some people were not able to get one and for that we apologise. To those who donated, thank you very much!

Take Care,
Year 6L

Shadow Puppet Workshop

Hi Everyone,

On Monday, 16th November, there will be a shadow puppet workshop in the auditorium for Year 6. More specific details will be sent home with the children tomorrow.

Mr. L

10 November, 2009

Poppy Appeal

Hi Everyone,

This year, 6L has been put in charge of the Poppy Appeal in an effort to raise money for charity on Rememberance Day (11/11/09). Please give what you can to help those in need, buy a poppy.

Representatives from 6L will be visiting classes in the morning and afternoon up to and including the 11th. At 11am, our class will pause for 2 minutes of silence.

We hope you will support our efforts.

6L & Mr. L

06 November, 2009

Week in Review (Mathematics) 05.11.09

In the last few weeks in math my group was mostly working on the green questions. We learnt about the mean, median, range and the mode. Mean is when you add up all of your numbers togeher and then you divide the answer by the number of numbers that you have. Median is the number in the middle. Mode is the number that is used the most. Range is also when you subtract the smallest number from the biddest number and the answer is the range.

Thanks M!

04 November, 2009

Bake Sale tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that the bake sale is on tomorrow. Please don't bring too much money to school. The cakes and treats will be very reasonably priced so even a small amount will be enough to buy everything you could possibly wish for! :D

BTW, I'm still looking for sponsors for my moustache to help charity! (hint!)


02 November, 2009

6L's Poetry Anthology


This is just to let you know that our class anthology of poems is in progress.

| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Over the year we hope to add some more examples of our poems. We hope you like it.


"Movember" Challenge

The month of November has been officially renamed "Movember" by the male teachers at the school.

During the month, all the male teachers at the school will be growing moustaches in an effort to raise money for a local children's Cancer charity.

We are, of course, looking for sponsors! If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact the school office! 8-{)


01 November, 2009

Week in Review (English) 29.10.09

In the last couple of weeks in English we were making our own poems and we were reasearching about some very nice poets like Karla Kuskin.

Now, in English we are learning about biographies. Biographies are information about some famous people like Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton and so on. Biographies don't have to be about a writer or a singer only it can be about any famous people or someone who is very important to the world for some reason.

They are normaly written after the people died but there are some biographies about people who are still alive. Biographies are always written in the past tense. They have to answer the 5W's and 1H. Biographies always tell why those people are important and they write when the people were born and when they died. They talk about the people's friends and family members too and include facts but sometimes the person's opinions too. People write biographies so that if someone is searching for a famous person and they are doing a project they would know some information to write in their project. If you scroll down you will find a mindmap that the whole class worked on together in class.

Thanks M!

Week in Review (Outings) 29.10.09

Theatre Trip

The trip we went yesterday was to the Theatre. The show was Cinderella, lasted for an hour and half. My friends were in the show and we had fun because we went walked to the theatre, when we reached there we were separated to two groups the rat group and the witches group. I was in the rat group and when that was finished we sat down and waited for the show to start.

In the show, Cinderella had two stepsisters and her father and her stepmother. The stepmother always gave Cinderella work to do and she never gives any to her daughters. The stepsisters were the naughty ones. Cinderella had a godmother to help her but her magic finishes at midnight.

The messenger had a message from the prince, it said all the ladies are invited to the royal castle for a ball to dance.

Cinderella was excited but the stepmother told her to stay and finish her work then Cinderella began crying, but the godmother was there to help her get to the ball. She saw a rat and a pumpkin and she turned them to a horse and carriage. Ronald was the driver. The godmother told Cinderella to be back before midnight and when it struck midnight Cinderella lost a shoe.

The ball was finished and the prince found the shoe and he told all the ladies to wear the shoe but the shoe was too big or too small and at the end he reached Ella's house, it fitted her foot and she got married to the prince.

I enjoyed the show because my friends were there and was so happy to watch them acting. Next time in Aladdin I wish i can be part of the performance team. The show was fun and at the end, we get to ask questions to know how were the puppets and costumes made and by who.

Thanks A!

Week in Review (Guided Reading) 29.10.09

Last week in Guided Reading my group (green) read the book "The Call of the Selkie", this book is about a boy that finds a cove hidden in the rocks that is home to two seals that he calls Copper and Selkie. The boy has to keep them safe from Ben Kelly so that Ben doesn't hunt them.
I would reccomend this book to 9+ because it is quite a long book and it has some words that even we don't understand.
Also this week Mr Lowe introuduced the Spotlight to us - this activity helps us with the words we dont understand in the book that we are reading.

Thanks G!