20 November, 2009

Week in Review (Inquiry) 19 11 09

Fair trade

In inquiry, the topic we are working on is fair trade . One of th activities we have done, was to do with wealth. Firs of all we got ten chairs and put them in a straight, line. P took up seven chairs! That left the next four people only three chairs . Wich is not fair because, there were three more who had so small a part of the chair, they couldnt sit on them, they need it so they should have more . Then we got ten people , to sit on chairs . After we got ,a sheet that had chairs . We had to draw the people in the , way we had , done it . At the bottom we had to write what we, think . I wrote " people who need more, should have more ". One of the things I had leaned is the chairs represent the , wealth . Another thing that I had,learned is people who need , more wealth should have more wealth and there is a difference between needs and wants.
Thanks S! 


  1. I really agree with you S! I also enjoyed that lesson, it was very funny o see how people drew me on seven chairs! Apart from that I think that what you wrote was very good, and I wouldn´t of ever thought such a good thing to write!
    THNX P!!!

  2. Good job but maybe you should add more information on why you think that it isn't fair that people have different amounts of wealth and if you could decide what you would choose to do to make it fair. You also had a few spelling and grammar mistakes.

  3. i like the way you explained what you did in inquiry. you wrote it with the exact details and that is what i like about it:)

  4. The post are kind of informing but a little more information would make them better than they are currently.