03 April, 2012

Research Inquirers

Year 5 has been honing their research skills lately, by investigating a contrasting city from a Commonwealth country. We learned to look for things which are facts or opinions, what information was required for our task and why it is important not to copy and paste information we find when researching. We will be continuing to improve our research skills over the next few weeks.

02 April, 2012

Year 2 Learns To Navigate A Website

Today Year 2 began learning how to navigate websites using the back button, how to type an address into the address bar and that web pages are linked through hyperlinks which when clicked, will take them to different places. We had a lot of fun exploring the National Geographic for Kids website and we learned a lot about endangered species.

Year 6 And Microsoft Excel

Today, Year 6 has started working on Excel. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at basic editing, charts formulas and some of the more advanced features of this program. We'll also look at Google documents and see how it is similar and how it can be used to help our learning.