19 September, 2009

The week in review - Guided Reading

For the first two weeks in Year6L we’ve started Guided Reading and we were put into our groups. Our group is the green group and we started reading ‘The Terrible Power of the House Rabbit’, it's about this really messy family that buys a house rabbit that seems to be very tidy and doesn’t like all the mess around the house. It has big disturbing eyes and would hypnotize the family and make them clean up. Although we haven’t finished the 63 pages of the book yet and we’re still in the first 17 pages there’s been lots of funny things we’ve read about like: How the rabbit makes little, neat droppings on the litter box.
This book was written by Susan Gates and was first published in 1999. Susan got the idea of the House Rabbit from one of her friends that was allergic to the straw in the cages so she got a House Rabbit and that is how the idea started!

Thanks M!

18 September, 2009

The week in review - English

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this year's first round of "The week in review", where pupils from the class write about what they've learned this week.

The honour of being first goes to "G":

"Over the last week we have been doing a lot of poetry and personification poems. In class we each created our own and shared it with class members . I have learnt a lot about them in the past week and hope to learn more ,English so far has been interesting and exciting.


My inside is all blue and inky.

My tongue comes in and out when monsters push my legs up and down,

I scribble all day on white snow,

I sometimes get so tired and exhausted that I stop sweating my blue ink,

My friends and family come in many different colors’ they were all taken to serve the monsters,

I have many tattoos that say faber casstel, but my cousins have tattoos that say “Bic”,

I share a big bag with other things like me and a long stick and a magic remover!

All I see each day are other monsters that hold my kind! ,

My name is Lickity Blue Pen

By G

This is a sample of some of the work I have completed in the past week for our topic of personification in poems for English.

I have just started to learn about personification so I hope this is a good example for younger people who look at this work trying to find some inspiration. I hope readers will gather from my text what I mean and what these types of poems do and explain.

09 September, 2009

6L Schedule change

I told you the schedule could change! :)

Well, it has. Our French teacher has had to change her schedule somewhat so please be advised as to the following changes to the class schedule:

Sunday, period 2 was Guided Reading. It is now French.

Monday period 8 was French. It is now Mathematics.

Thursday period 2 was Mathematics. It is now Guided Reading.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

07 September, 2009

Our Old Website

Hi everyone, this is just a reminder that our old website is still working (http://year6wl.wordpress.com) but is no longer being updated. Please make use of the interesting writing and links for various topics and subjects, which were covered last year including the website of the week, which looks at interestinga nd helpful websites for homework and revision help.

Enjoy the visit and remember our new address.


Year 6L Homework Schedule Term 1

Here is the homework schedule for 6L for the time being. Please be aware that when the dust settles, there may be some changes as appropriate, but you will be advised if that happens. If you are having trouble reading the schedule because it is too small, click "Actual Size" at the bottom.

So, for now, here is our current schedule:

06 September, 2009

Class Schedule for 6L 06.09.09

Below you will find a copy of the class schedule.

To make it bigger, move the slider on the bottom to the right or click "Actual Size".

PE Reminder

This is just a reminder that not everyone is starting with swimming this week. Please make sure you come with the correct kit for swimming or games. Check the schedule you've been given by Mr.H in your diaries.

Welcome to the New Year 6L 2009 - 2010!

Welcome to the NEW Year 6L class Weblog!

Please remember that this is a work in progress and you will find that the site changes fairly often ! :)

Well, Year 6 2009 2010 is now safely tucked away in our new location on the third floor two floors above the Dutch area. It's very convenient to the playground and the new Digital Media Centre as well as the new Primary Library - three of our favourite places!! the other one being the canteen :)

Pupils should remember that there is PE this week. You can see when we have PE (and the other lessons) by clicking on the "Schedule" label on this page.

The homework schedule can be found by clicking the "Homework" label on this page.

Safety reminders for pupils:

Please come prepared for the sun! I would like to see everyone wearing a hat and sunblock when on the playground.

It's also a good idea to keep your water bottle clean by washing it at home regularly.

We hope that you find this weblog both informative and entertaining, and welcome to 6L!
Mr. L