18 September, 2009

The week in review - English

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this year's first round of "The week in review", where pupils from the class write about what they've learned this week.

The honour of being first goes to "G":

"Over the last week we have been doing a lot of poetry and personification poems. In class we each created our own and shared it with class members . I have learnt a lot about them in the past week and hope to learn more ,English so far has been interesting and exciting.


My inside is all blue and inky.

My tongue comes in and out when monsters push my legs up and down,

I scribble all day on white snow,

I sometimes get so tired and exhausted that I stop sweating my blue ink,

My friends and family come in many different colors’ they were all taken to serve the monsters,

I have many tattoos that say faber casstel, but my cousins have tattoos that say “Bic”,

I share a big bag with other things like me and a long stick and a magic remover!

All I see each day are other monsters that hold my kind! ,

My name is Lickity Blue Pen

By G

This is a sample of some of the work I have completed in the past week for our topic of personification in poems for English.

I have just started to learn about personification so I hope this is a good example for younger people who look at this work trying to find some inspiration. I hope readers will gather from my text what I mean and what these types of poems do and explain.