31 January, 2010

Week in Review for 28/01/10

In maths we have been looking at formula. For example, p x 3 = 45. The formula is p = 15 because     15 x 3 = 45.

In English we are studying persuasive righting. We are using tools like propaganda and rhetorical questions to advertise a holiday on the moon.

In inquiry we are learning about biodiversity and how all living things depend on all other living things. On Thursday we went to an enviormental scince centre where we were put into groups and did 4 different activaties. In one of them we put snails in a jar on their own, plants in a jar on their own and snails and plants in the same jar. All the things died in all of the jars except for the balanced jar. The second activity was when we took sea weed and put it test tubes and left it there for 20 minutes. When we came back, we could see it made oxygen because there where bubbles in the test tubes. In the next activity we made a play showing the interdependence of all living things. The last activite was when we made a food chain. A food chain is a line of animals that eat other animals, for example a lion eats a zebra that eats grass.

Thanks D

22 January, 2010

Week in Review for 21/01/10


This week in math we where descusing formula and word problems. In formula today we did some simple algerbra. At the beginning I thought it would be hard, but in the end it wasn't as hard as I expected and I managed to do it well. It was questions like 8n+2=66.


This week in english we are doing a webquest. A webquest is a task. For our webquest this week we got into teams and then investigated about persuasive writing. After that we had to write one in our groups. You could write about anything that had persuasive writing in it like: Advertisments, arguments and so on.

This week in inquiry we first got into groups and then each person in a group had to get a job that the group leader would decide on. After that, as a team, we had to come up with an endangerd species and research about that species. When we had finished researching we created a enviroment for that species in a box. After that we have to write a report, create a presentation and a movie.

Thanks S!

14 January, 2010

Week in Review for 14.01.10

This week was the second week of school, in English we started doing persuasive writing about a subject that really meant a lot to us, my partner and I, have decided to take the position that “Wildlife Killing is Wrong.”
Before starting to write them we read a really good piece of work written by a girl in the same grade as us but not in our school, she even won a prize!

In Maths we are revising a bit from before the holidays and also working with decimals, its lots of fun because we add, subtract, multiply and divide with decimals. We also did two step problems and mental maths which isn’t as much fun but I still like it a lot!

In Inquiry we have started a new unit called “The World in Balance” our teacher just told us about a new project where we have to get in groups and do a diorama and a report about an endangered animal and the diorama has to look VERY realistic or else its no good!
Thanks P!

08 January, 2010

Week in Review for 07/01/10 Merry Christmas to all Orthodox Christians!

This week in Math we were working on decimal fractions. We had to decide what column the decimal number belonged to. For example, 10.563, the 3 is in the thousandths column.We also had a number line and we had to decide which numbers went in between two other numbers.

This week in English we have been working on persuasive writing. We watched a video of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech and were focusing on how he made it persuasive. Another day we saw a slide show of some of the tools that help make writing persuasive. Some of them were logos, kairos, research and more!

In Inquiry we have been learning about biodiversity which means living things that depend and rely on other living things. We watched a video of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" on biodiversity. We also had a special guest come into class who was an Egyptian Tortoise called Mr. George. Then we split into 4 groups and had to find out the history, habitat, future, and lifestyle of the Egyptian Tortoise. After that we split into groups again and told each other what we found out so we could present it to everyone else in the class.

Thanks K!

03 January, 2010

Welcome back! Happy New Yar!

Welcome back to all the pupils and their families in Year 6L. I hope the New Year finds you well and ready to start the new year with a bang!

Parents are advised that our class schedule on Wednesday (6th January, 2010) will change temporarily to the Thursday schedule. On Monday (25th January, 2010), the schedule will also be the same as on Thursday. This is being done because the specialist teachers need to make up lost lessons due to secondary school closures earlier in the year.

These changes are temporary and only affect this Wednesday, 6th January and Monday, 25th January.

Mr. L