14 January, 2010

Week in Review for 14.01.10

This week was the second week of school, in English we started doing persuasive writing about a subject that really meant a lot to us, my partner and I, have decided to take the position that “Wildlife Killing is Wrong.”
Before starting to write them we read a really good piece of work written by a girl in the same grade as us but not in our school, she even won a prize!

In Maths we are revising a bit from before the holidays and also working with decimals, its lots of fun because we add, subtract, multiply and divide with decimals. We also did two step problems and mental maths which isn’t as much fun but I still like it a lot!

In Inquiry we have started a new unit called “The World in Balance” our teacher just told us about a new project where we have to get in groups and do a diorama and a report about an endangered animal and the diorama has to look VERY realistic or else its no good!
Thanks P!

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