22 January, 2010

Week in Review for 21/01/10


This week in math we where descusing formula and word problems. In formula today we did some simple algerbra. At the beginning I thought it would be hard, but in the end it wasn't as hard as I expected and I managed to do it well. It was questions like 8n+2=66.


This week in english we are doing a webquest. A webquest is a task. For our webquest this week we got into teams and then investigated about persuasive writing. After that we had to write one in our groups. You could write about anything that had persuasive writing in it like: Advertisments, arguments and so on.

This week in inquiry we first got into groups and then each person in a group had to get a job that the group leader would decide on. After that, as a team, we had to come up with an endangerd species and research about that species. When we had finished researching we created a enviroment for that species in a box. After that we have to write a report, create a presentation and a movie.

Thanks S!

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