29 April, 2011

Week in Review for 29/04/11

This week's photos:
Some children are doing a Stop Action Animation for their 10% time. This is one of the stars!

A cave-man eating Coco Pops!

Using Google Earth in our "9 Cities Maths Challenge"

Week in Review:

This week was a really exciting week. Because it is EASTER!! We did an Egg hunt and egg decoration. We all had one buddy from year 2 and we went to find the eggs. Everyone tried to find the golden egg but the golden egg went to one of the Year 5s and their buddy. It was inside the a juice box. So when it was over, we went to our own class room and we each got one egg to decorate as best as we could. Some puplils made a buddy, a scuba diver, a man holding a dumbell, and a men who had a worm in their head. The secondary art teacher had to pick one of the best eggs in each year group. The winner in Year 6 was K who made a man holding a dumbell. The whole time was really fun.

In math, we made 3d shapes using nets. We had to cut the out lines and stick them nicely. It was very fun and we learned about nets and a bit about surface area.

In 10% time, many people presented their first 10% time projects. NT presented her flipbook animation, P presented his poster about lions.

Everyone is excited about the easter holiday because we have 2 weeks holiday. I hope they enjoy it.

Thanks S!

01 April, 2011

Week in Review for 31/03/11

Yesterday we had Trade Day and it was very fun. My partner was KH and we were trying our best to keep our money but in the last few minutes, Mexico came to sell us a lot of things and we were trying our best to keep the amount of money that we were going to pay very low because we were running out of money too quickly. There were lots of other countries around us. Some of the countries were very unlucky because they were given a crisis and when you get a crisis, you can't trade for 15 minutes. Fortunatly KH and I never got a crisis. Our country was Libya.

In PE we have something called PE Sport Module and we are doing the sport football for the next 5 weeks and we have a tournamenet which i think is going to be very fun. After the tournament, we have a party.

In our Football ECA, we have another tournament taking place next week on Tuesday. I am very excited for the tournament. We will play against another local school and we will visit them in their school so hopefully we will win.

Thanks NS!

Our collection of Prezis

Over the past few months our class has been experimenting with, and using, the website Prezi.com to extend the ways we can create and share our ideas with others. The Prezis cover various topics. We hope you like them!