10 March, 2014

My Favourite Book by James V.

 Minecraft Adventures
Herobrine Rises
Written by S. D. Stuart

My favourite book is Minecraft Adventures written by S. D. Stuart, which is a series of nine books that are about ten year old twin brothers that play Minecraft. I chose this book because it looked like a great adventure book and also I like playing the game on my Xbox.

Herobrine is an evil pixel man that was created to destroy human players in minecraft. In Herobrine Rises one of the twins named Josh gets sucked into the Minecraft world with Herobrine in it!

Josh escaped with the help of his brother Andre. Andre used his computer to gain access to the Minecraft server. When he accessed the world he was able to give dynamite to Josh. He used the dynamite to blow them out of the world without getting hurt.

I like the book because it was breathtaking and captivating to read. The most exciting part of the book was when they got blown out of the world. I liked the book so much I bought the whole series! What I learnt from this book is that teamwork and cooperation are important.

It was a short exciting adventure book that was easy to read but hard to put down!

James .V

Image Credit: Niegel Burton


  1. Anonymous11/3/14 08:14

    Hi James,
    I really liked the way you describe the book and what's it like. But the thing that I liked the most is when you put some words that really shows how great the book is.


  2. Hi James,
    I am a teacher from Alberta, Canada and my students are just beginning to create their own blogs. Your blog page looks so amazing and has such juicy vocabulary I couldn't help but leave you a comment! How do you insert pictures into your blog, my students would love to learn how and so would I!
    Great work!
    Miss Jordan

  3. Anonymous11/3/14 12:04

    Hi James
    I liked the way you put some describing word like "breathtaking" and "captivating" for the book. Also, I liked the way you describe the characters from the book. I am absolutely sure you learnt something important through the book which is teamwork and cooperation. I am willing to read that book! I am not really sure about the word dynamite. Fabulous job, James!

  4. Anonymous11/3/14 13:44

    Wow James!
    You used so many descriptive words I want to read the book so bad. Can you tell me were to get one. Oh and is it the first book or the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or more. Witch book should I start with. And how much does it cost.

  5. Anonymous11/3/14 13:55

    I really like how you described yourself and the game and it looks like you made a great effort on this


  6. Anonymous11/3/14 14:08

    I like the way you describe your favourite book.It is really fun. The Herobrine is really strong in the Minecraft world. I have also read the book and l really enjoy the story.I have found Herobrine before in Minecraft mc and pocket edition and Minecraft xbox.

    by Ziyi and James.W

  7. Anonymous11/3/14 14:18

    Hi Miss Jordan,
    Thank you! I am sorry but I don't now how to put the pictures on the blog. My teacher did it. But I will have Daniel, who does know how to put pictures on a blog post explain it for you. James V.
    You add a picture to a blog post by going to the top left corner where all the tools are and there is a little picture of a mountain, then you click on it and you go to use URL and search the picture on google images on another web page and click view image, then copy and past the URL in the URL box, a URL is the website address at the top of the page. You should only take pictures which can be reused so always check that they are Creative Commons before you use them. You should also, always say who created the picture at the end of your blog post. We use the words "Image Credit:" to show who created the picture we are using.

    You can also get pictures from your computer which is a bit easier.

    Thanks for visiting our blog!

    James V

  8. Anonymous12/3/14 21:06

    Dear James,

    Wow, that book sounds really good. I mean, you don't see someone get sucked into Minecraft any day. Is minecraft your favorite video game?


  9. Anonymous12/3/14 21:25

    Hi James,
    I LOVE Minecraft and play it all the time. Everybody thinks Herobrine is a fake. Did you realize on every update it says -removed Herobrine. WOW you used very rich and creamy words. Where can you buys these books? Thank you for telling me about these books.

    From-Navydog (Drivingin4th)

  10. Anonymous15/3/14 12:32

    Hi Navydog and All-Star28,
    Minecraft is one of my favourite video games to play and my mum bought these books on Amazon.The books are about usd$7.20 and I started out with the first book in the series.I suggest you do too!
    Thank you for reading my blog!
    James V

  11. Anonymous20/3/14 10:17

    Hi James.V, I really like Minecraft. Have you got the newest update?I have. You can ride horses and find witches huts.The best seed on the macbook pro is village the best seed on the (macbook white) is Newyork.I have known minecraft [Not Finished]