11 March, 2014

Alex's book review

How to train your dragon is a book that I like because it shows that kids can have great minds when they want to. This is my favourite book series partly because the pictures have no colouring and they were drawn by a kid about 11 years old. To me it is an excellent example of the "Action and Adventure" genre.

It isn't a book that bores you every 5 minutes, it actually makes you want to read the whole series and each book is are never too thick or too thin. It never had anything to do with a movie and now that a sequel to the first movie is coming out I think a new series of how to train your dragon  books are going to be out soon as well.

By Alexander


  1. Anonymous11/3/14 13:56

    Hello Alex,

    We really like the way you describe the book that you were reading. You really showed us the features of the book. And how interesting it can be, We also like the book that you like to read but we like the movie more than reading the book.

    How many series of this book have you read?

    From Iris&Aryana

  2. Anonymous11/3/14 13:56

    Hi, Alexander, we like your post very much. Although we have never read that book before, your post makes us want to read it. You said that this book is written by an eleven year old child, is that true? By looking at the cover, we feel the book is really exciting. Can you tell us where can we find this book?

    By:Eric & Johnson