"How to:" Tips and Hints for Learners, Parents & Visitors

How To:

How to write a quality comment - 

Start with a greeting

Start your comment with an encouraging opening statement such as "Thanks for writing this interesting post about your moon project." or something simpler such as, "Hi, I've really enjoyed reading your blog." 
It's a way of introducing the comment in a pleasant way.

Make a connection

You have probably chosen to comment on a post because it nterests you in some way. If that's the case, then find a connection between something you've done or expereinced in the past and the subject of the blog post. It should be a positive connection and it should add information or make a correction to the post. It is always more interesting to read a post with lots of comments which have more information and carry on a conversation.

Use your best punctuation and grammar

Punctuation is as important as what is being written. The wrong punctuation, or poor grammar can turn a great comment into one which cannot be read or understood. As a result, great ideas and contributions get lost. Don't let this happen to you. At the very least make sure your comments include full stops, commas and other basic punctuation and capital letters for starting sentences and for proper nouns. Grammar and word choice is important too. No casual writing or slang and certainly no offensive words or phrases. If you are ever in doubt, ask!

Create a conversation

Never leave a comment with a single word or meaningless phrase which does not, in some way, move the conversation on. You can either add information to the post or ask a question. For example, if you chose to comment on a post which was about a vacation in Katmandu, then you would tell the blog post author about an event or situation which happened when you were also in Katmandu, or in Nepal or somewhere else on vacation. Keep the comment on topic and interesting. On the other hand, if you wanted to ask a question, about the trip to Katmandu, make sure you have carefully read the post first. Then ask your question which might be something like, what other countries has the author been to? Why do they like travelling, and so on.

Close your comment

When you close your comment, just as in a letter, you should end with a polite and positive statement, such as, "I look forward to reading your next post." Remember, to NEVER leave your full name, or any personal details in the post, such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.


Never send your comment to be published until it has been edited. Re-read your comment more than once checking for typos, incorrect spelling, missing words, poor grammar, missing punctuation or other mistakes.

Send to Publish

Once you have double checked your comment and you are happy with it. Send it to be published. For more information on how to do that, see the How To on "How to comment." 

How to Comment

Writing a blog comment is very important. That's why we need to make sure we do it properly. A good blog comment has several parts which should be included so that the comment is polite, adds information and detail to continue the conversation and provides images or links for further information to extend everyone's understanding of the topic.

First, we need to know how to get to the correct place to write our comment. Here are the steps needed to start writing your comment. Good Luck!

Step 1: Find a blog post or other comment you want to discuss and comment on. Make sure you read the post/comment carefully to make sure you understand what the writer's message is. Many people re-read the post to get all the ideas clearly into their head.

***REMINDER***: If the thumbnails are too small to see properly, simply click on them and they will be enlarged.

Step 2:

Step 3:

And that's it! :)