28 October, 2010

Week in Review for 28/10/10

In school our inquiry topic was about traditions and we researched three traditions each and we had to make a presentation with the information that we had. I researched three traditions that were Ramadan,Christmas and Chinese New Year. I worked with KM on it and I thuoght we did very well and i thought it was very good that we did the presentation because it made me know muh more about each of the traditions. Also this week we focused on fractions ,decimals and percent. We had to practise very hard and that made me feel confident. And we also worked on word problems and we learned a method called RUCSAC which stands for Read,Underline,Calculate,Solve,Answer,Check and that made word problems very easy. This week I thought I was open minded.

Thanks KH!

22 October, 2010

Week in Review 21/10/10

Last Tuesday Year 6 went on a trip to old Cairo. As soon as we got to school we met in Ms.Lowis class and Mr.W's class and we got ready for the trip.
When we arrived we ate a snack then we went to the mosque,we had to take our shoes off.
The mosque was big it had a water fountain.
Later we went to a very old and small church, it had lots of pictures and it had lots of candles.
After that we went to the synagogue, it had two places to pray the men pray downstairs and the women pray upstairs.
Finally we went to the hanging church, it is called hanging church because it was hanging up and we could see that through the glass floor and through the windows .
Then we walked back to the buses , I did not enjoy all the walking.

Thanks S!

Here are some pictures of the places we visited taken by JB. Some places did not allow flash photography:
Snack before starting our journey
Our first stop

Inside the mosque

The fountains

On the approach to the church

On the approach to the church

The Hanging Church
Thanks for the great pictures J! They will be part of our virtual tour as well! :)

15 October, 2010

Week in Review 14/10/10

Last week people that went to Old Cairo told me that they went to a church and that they went to a mosque and a synangogue and that they had to take notes. In inquiry we are learning about traditions and I learnt about ramadan and christmas and bullfighting.In english we were doing poems about issues in the world mine was pollution and after we finished we had to say our poem out loud to every one in the class.


11 October, 2010

Week in Review for 7/10/10

This week in English we were learning about issue poetry.We had to write three poems if for example someone wanted to do an acrostic poem you would have to write 8 letters or more.

This week in math we have experienced many fun math games that include Multiplication , percentage , decimals , division and fractions.It was also optional that we could use the textbook or this wonderful math website called : http://mathletics.com/ this website has lots of educational assignements that we have been assigned by our class teacher.There are also lots of exciting games , It also has LIVE mathletics which is a competition between us and anyone in any school around the world. This is fun because we get to know other students difficulties and different levels and they get to know ours without any contact.

In inquiry we are still learning about cultures and traditions and we are summarising the pieces of information that we have collected in week 3 and 4.

Thanks H

01 October, 2010

Week in Review for 30/9/10

In math we were learning about long division and we went past remainders. Mr Lowe told that there are many ways to get answers in division or basically in every sums like: addition, subraction, division and multiplication. We have a website called Mathletics and our teacher gives us 9 or 10 tasks to practice on. In our inquiry we have new system called Epals it means we can ask questions and answer other students somewhere in world about traditions and cultures and we have two parteners one in our school in Year 6 and one in somewhere in world. In English, we had to write poems and we went down to the library and recorded one of our best poems that we wrote and we had homework about poems and they were called webquests and they was fun I mean very fun. In Guided Reading our teacher was Mrs L and Mrs H. We were reading different books from each other. Our english teacher is sometimes Mr Lowe and sometimes Mrs H. when we are doing with Mr Lowe we learn about poems but if we are doing with Mrs H we are reading a book a called Call of the Shelkie.

Thanks for the big effort J!