01 October, 2010

Week in Review for 30/9/10

In math we were learning about long division and we went past remainders. Mr Lowe told that there are many ways to get answers in division or basically in every sums like: addition, subraction, division and multiplication. We have a website called Mathletics and our teacher gives us 9 or 10 tasks to practice on. In our inquiry we have new system called Epals it means we can ask questions and answer other students somewhere in world about traditions and cultures and we have two parteners one in our school in Year 6 and one in somewhere in world. In English, we had to write poems and we went down to the library and recorded one of our best poems that we wrote and we had homework about poems and they were called webquests and they was fun I mean very fun. In Guided Reading our teacher was Mrs L and Mrs H. We were reading different books from each other. Our english teacher is sometimes Mr Lowe and sometimes Mrs H. when we are doing with Mr Lowe we learn about poems but if we are doing with Mrs H we are reading a book a called Call of the Shelkie.

Thanks for the big effort J!

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