11 October, 2010

Week in Review for 7/10/10

This week in English we were learning about issue poetry.We had to write three poems if for example someone wanted to do an acrostic poem you would have to write 8 letters or more.

This week in math we have experienced many fun math games that include Multiplication , percentage , decimals , division and fractions.It was also optional that we could use the textbook or this wonderful math website called : http://mathletics.com/ this website has lots of educational assignements that we have been assigned by our class teacher.There are also lots of exciting games , It also has LIVE mathletics which is a competition between us and anyone in any school around the world. This is fun because we get to know other students difficulties and different levels and they get to know ours without any contact.

In inquiry we are still learning about cultures and traditions and we are summarising the pieces of information that we have collected in week 3 and 4.

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