25 March, 2012

TechKids Podcast #5

In Podcast #5, one of our youngest and newest TechKids took part in her first podcast. She did a great job selecting the topic, guest, and deciding on the questions she wanted to ask. She interviewed one of the lead actors in one of the school's recent stage plays.

The music for the podcast is:

Title: I've Had Them Closed (Full)
Artist: Tortue Super Sonic
License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 

16 March, 2012

Trash To Panache Assembly

This is the end of Waste Week, where we've been learning about the "Three Rs" of being environmentally friendly, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." The week of activities ended with a fabulous "Trash to Panache" assembly and an exhibit of "Trash Monsters" which the classes created out of objects we were throwing away. It was a great week and everyone had a great time learning about how we can save the environment. Thanks Mrs. Sibley!

14 March, 2012

Bake Sale Friday!

A Special Reminder from Mrs. Sibley:
"Please make something halal to bring to the Bake Sale on Friday. Don’t forget to bring $1-$3 dollars to buy something too – bringing coins would help."

13 March, 2012

Year 3 Self - Edits!

Year 3 did some excellent work today as they had some authentic opportunities to self and peer edit some presentations made by their classmates about animals they have been looking at in English. Each reviewer has a sheet of questions and things to check on their own work and their classmates. They did a great job checking and assessing!

07 March, 2012

Busy Things At BusyThings.co.uk

We love Busy things.co.uk! It has hundreds of interactive, educational activities for children in Reception and Year 1. It supports a curriculum areas such as phonics, numbers and the number system and reading as well as letter formation! There really are no serious competitors to the website and we really enjoy the colourful characters, bright colours and funny sounds that go with all the activities!

Game On!

Welcome to World Maths Day! For the next 24hours, children all over the world are gaining invaluable practice recalling basic math facts while they compete with children of similar ability and age at www.worldmathsday.com. We are having loads of fun and the there is a steady stream of children eager to take part in the computer suite! Game On! :-)

06 March, 2012

Maths Week

The long awaited Maths Week has begun! Mr Lowe spent time helping out the KS1 students as they completed various maths activities around the school. We had lots of fun counting leaves, measuring the football pitch and finding our way around the school!

Year 2 Data Handling

Lately, Year 2 has been learning about and using tools to help with Data Handling for Mathematics, Science and Topic work. We learned how to enter data, why it is important to check our information and how we can represent what we we have found out using graphs and tables. In the pictures below, we were recording our findings about eye-colour in our class.

02 March, 2012

National Day Assembly

Fantastic assembly celebrating the country's 28th birthday. Everyone wore the national colours and enjoyed a slide show about the country and its history.
Year 4 performed a traditional song and dance.
We were also joined by some secondary students who performed a traditional fisherman's song/dance.
Which was followed up by one of our teachers doing a martial arts demonstration.
He was later joined by a martial arts class which many of our students participate in.
We really enjoyed the music, dancing an activities! Happy Birthday Brunei!

01 March, 2012

TechKids Burning Up The Network For World Maths Day

Here at ISB, we are practicing to improve our speed and accuracy in preparation for the World Maths Day competition next week. In the images below, TechKids are taking a break from our regular schedule to hone their skills to support the school. Good luck Techies!

Year 4 Newspapers

Today, Year 4 used some Word templates to create newspapers of important events which have recently occurred around the city and the school. Fabulous job 4b!