18 April, 2014

A Great Trip

Pre-Trip Briefing

Now that we have arrived back home to Singapore, we'd like to share some of our Jungle Trek images.
Onboard the ferry to Bintan Island
We had a great time "Boom Netting" along one of the rivers.


  1. Anonymous22/4/14 15:16


    When we went to the trip to Loola Resort, we went in the ferry then we saw the beautiful ocean. We also saw a stick fish. When we reached Bintan, we had to walk a little to the bus. Then when we went in the bus, the bus was so weird and boiling hot. After an hour of travelling, we reached our destination. We went to the canteen and the person said what activity are we doing first. After he told all of the activity we ate lunch. We had rice,chicken curry,fruits and vegetables. After we ate, we went to our cottage (the girls cottage) and organised our stuff and what we will use for the first activity. We had lots of fun doing every single activity.

  2. I think that your students look like they are really focused in their work not focusing on the camera.

  3. Did you ride on a plane? If you did awesome , we can't do that at our school.One last thing where you going to a island for your field trip.If you didn't where did you go?

    1. Anonymous24/4/14 13:39

      Dear Skyler,
      No we didn't ride on a plane we are only an hour and a half away from Bintan and we got on a ferry, we went to Indonesia, Bintan and they speak Indonesia Bahasa there.
      Thank you
      Daniel & James.V

    2. Anonymous24/4/14 13:48

      Hello Skyler,

      We didn't ride the plane but we just ride the bus and the ferry. We went to Bintan (Indonesia). We don't really know if it is an island or not but thank for the great comment.


  4. Anonymous23/4/14 10:13


    Yeah they really were focusing on their work, especially since at the trip their job was to be-careful and have fun!


  5. What is boom netting? I sounds fun I wish I could do it one day.

    1. Anonymous24/4/14 13:54

      Hello Brianna,

      Boom-netting is when we take a medium size boat that has a net attached to both sides of the boat. There were 2 level where you can jump. When the boat starts moving then you jump in the net that is moving. But sometimes we got swept by the current. And all of us will usually get stuck in a pile. There were teachers trying to help us get out of the current and net.


  6. Did you like the air plane ride? What did you do on the air plane ride?

  7. Anonymous24/4/14 14:00

    You are curious about the Boom Netting,are you? My partner and I will explain what it was.We went on a ship out to sea.There were two nets above the surface of the sea, we could either jump from the first deck or the second decks to the nets,it was awesome, but if you jump over the net, say "bye, bye." We are waiting for your next comment.

    Eric & Johnson