11 April, 2014

TechKids at Nexus

This week was a big week for 5G and Year 6 as TechKids began providing tech support to other learners around the school. In a nutshell, TechKids are upper primary school learners who have very good mentoring and technology skills who volunteer their time to help support and teach tech skills and coping methods for children in the same or lower year groups and, even teachers!
Here are the pictures of our inaugual session!


  1. Anonymous11/4/14 13:47

    Dear Mr William,

    I was really happy to be a Tech Kid. It made me show my knowledge and made me realise that I can make people like other people, so I'd say I learnt I was indipendant.

    Happy Blogging! 


  2. It will be fun to teach teachers.Then help kids to.

  3. What a great way to share your learning. Did you learn anything new while teaching others?