24 April, 2014

How To ... use word art in Google Presentation

Celebrating Earth Day this week - Thursday

Here is a great video created by the secondary students for Earth Day. Sometimes, the most important changes are small ones which we can all do...

Thinking about your learning, what ways can we help to stop littering at school and in our cites?

23 April, 2014

How to find and use the revision history in Google Presentation

In keeping with our efforts at supporting other learners in their use of technology to further their learning, we have been creating some "How To..." videos with the help of Mr. Bailey our Technology Integration guru. In this video we show you how to get an old version of a slide back in case you do something wrong and you can't use undo...

How to create a slide in Google Presentation

One of our newest classmates has made her first screencast! We're so proud!

We hope you enjoy it and that you find it helpful.

Celebrating Earth Day this week - Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday!

Today we have a great presentation created by the Making A Difference club here at school. Today's presentation looks at the worrying situation of endangered animals such as which animals are endangered and why they have become endangered.

Endangered animals (mad) from year6withmrlowe

Thinking about your learning, what other animals do you know of which are also endangered, but may not appear in this presentation? Why have they become endangered? 

22 April, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day this week - Tuesday (Earth Day)

Happy Earth Day!

Today, 5G wrote their pledges on how each of us are going to make a change in our own lives to help save the Earth and improve everyone's life. A pledge is more than simply a promise. It is something we agree to do and are committed to seeing it happen.We've placed those pledges on small green leaves which are now being put up on a tree outside the Staff room. In two weeks, we'll have a look to see how well we kept our pledges!

Today, we watched and discussed this video on saving the Earth...

Thinking about your learning, what pledge could you make to improve the health of the Earth?

21 April, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day this week - Monday

Today, our class was asked to watch this fabulous video explaining how, with 5 minutes a day, we can help save the Earth. We also will be learning the song which is really cool too! Thanks to Ms. Webb for giving us these materials!

Thinking about your learning, after watching, what can you do for 5 minutes a day to help save planet Earth?

Earth Day Tomorrow!

18 April, 2014

A Great Trip

Pre-Trip Briefing

Now that we have arrived back home to Singapore, we'd like to share some of our Jungle Trek images.
Onboard the ferry to Bintan Island
We had a great time "Boom Netting" along one of the rivers.

11 April, 2014

TechKids at Nexus

This week was a big week for 5G and Year 6 as TechKids began providing tech support to other learners around the school. In a nutshell, TechKids are upper primary school learners who have very good mentoring and technology skills who volunteer their time to help support and teach tech skills and coping methods for children in the same or lower year groups and, even teachers!
Here are the pictures of our inaugual session!

5G Sings!

Year 5 gave a fabulous rendition of "Alexander's Cat" complete with actions. Voices were clear and you hit every note! Great job!