18 June, 2010

Week in review for 17/06/10

Mathematics: This week in math we have been learning about area which is basically length X width, eg. so if it's a square and it's length is seven and it's width is also seven then you multiply seven by seven. The answer is always in squared centimetres or meters or what ever you are using.

English: This week in English we have been writing a play script and we had to record ourselves while we were speaking because people will listen to it but there wont be any pictures so that it would be like the old plays in the 1950's which were recorded on the radio.

Inquiry: This week in Inquiry we just started a new topic called Taking Care Of Our Selves, during this topic we learnt about the human body and how our body grows as we get older. 

Sport's day: Last week we had sport's day. In sport's day we played a lot of games and races, in the end Mr. Sargent had to count all the points which each house earned from each game they played, in the end Air won the sport's day.
Thanks B!

10 June, 2010

Week in Review for 10/06/10

Sports day was last week on Wednesday. Sports Day is about all the House teams, our teams are Air, Water, Earth and Fire; I am in Air which won 4 times in a row. There are house captains, the house captains are 1 boy and 1 girl for each house. 

Sports day was fun for everyone. We did Races, Javelin, Slingshot, Basketball shootout, Long jump and Water Race. When players are tired they can have a rest under the shaded area with a water break. Finals are played at the end of the Sports day which includes only races. I reached the final in the Race but unfortunately I came 2nd. Guess who came first?

At the end of sports day Mr. Sergent the judge counted the points and added them up. The team with the higher house points wins. There also some certificates given for the best boy and best girl in the running finals, Slingshot, Javelin and Long jump.

Don't worry Primary because in Secondary too there is a Sports Day.

Thanks A!

06 June, 2010

Pupil Led Conferences - Update

Hi Everyone,
This is to let you know that the Pupil Led Conference day tomorrow IS a uniform day. You must wear your uniform during the conference.
Mr. L

01 June, 2010

Theatre Trip & Sports Day

Theatre Trip Latest Information:
Please remember that we will be wearing our school uniforms to the theatre.

Sports Day Latest Information:
You must wear your uniform when you arrive at school in the morning.
You will be given time to change into your team colours in the afternoon.
Wear a hat
Wear sunblock
Bring water

Have a great day!