18 June, 2010

Week in review for 17/06/10

Mathematics: This week in math we have been learning about area which is basically length X width, eg. so if it's a square and it's length is seven and it's width is also seven then you multiply seven by seven. The answer is always in squared centimetres or meters or what ever you are using.

English: This week in English we have been writing a play script and we had to record ourselves while we were speaking because people will listen to it but there wont be any pictures so that it would be like the old plays in the 1950's which were recorded on the radio.

Inquiry: This week in Inquiry we just started a new topic called Taking Care Of Our Selves, during this topic we learnt about the human body and how our body grows as we get older. 

Sport's day: Last week we had sport's day. In sport's day we played a lot of games and races, in the end Mr. Sargent had to count all the points which each house earned from each game they played, in the end Air won the sport's day.
Thanks B!

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