18 February, 2011

Week in Review for 17/02/11

This week in math we were solving riddles. Like for example: There were six eggs in a baskit. Every one took a egg. How can there still be one egg in the baskit? Answer: the last person took the egg in the baskit.
It was a bit confusing but most people enjoyed doing riddls or math problems.

In Inquiry we were focusing on forces. We made our own paper air planes and got to test them. Most of our paper air planes flew well. To do that we had to add some weight to the paper air planes to keep them balanced. We all got tot try putting a paper clip any were around the paper air plane to see were it would work best. Most of us thought that it was best when we put the paper clip in the middle of the paper air plane. Out of this we learned four forces that keep a plane flying which are: Thrust, Drag, Lift and weight.

In English we continued with our explanitory writing.

Thanks H! Glad to see you back!

Week in Review for 17/02/11

The 25th of January is Police day in Egypt or more known as Protesting Day.
On that day we had no school and that was when Egypt’s youth rose up with their decisions for their country's benefit.

They wanted all Egypt’s leaders to step down from their posts and one of these people was the Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Since the 25th till now (Feb. 2) protesters are still in central Cairo, Tahrir sq. and do not seem to give up, Police seems to have switched their targets to the opposite, from protect to attack. Also one of the government’s decisions was to cut off all devices used for keeping contact all over Egypt which are mobile phones and internet. This caused the protesters to mistrust the police in handling any other situation and it has built a wall between the police and the people.

The 8th of February was the first day for our class to have a live sessions on Vyew.com. Other people and I thought it was quite fun, for some people it was better than spending 6 hours at school. We worked on fractions decimals and percent in math, in English we worked on journalistic writing and recounts and our homework was to create an article about what happened recently in Egypt. In inquiry, we worked on forces and how a ladder can slide off a roof of a car if it is not stabilized because of the forces acting on it like gravity and inertia.

Thanks Z! Glad to see you are alright!