18 February, 2011

Week in Review for 17/02/11

This week in math we were solving riddles. Like for example: There were six eggs in a baskit. Every one took a egg. How can there still be one egg in the baskit? Answer: the last person took the egg in the baskit.
It was a bit confusing but most people enjoyed doing riddls or math problems.

In Inquiry we were focusing on forces. We made our own paper air planes and got to test them. Most of our paper air planes flew well. To do that we had to add some weight to the paper air planes to keep them balanced. We all got tot try putting a paper clip any were around the paper air plane to see were it would work best. Most of us thought that it was best when we put the paper clip in the middle of the paper air plane. Out of this we learned four forces that keep a plane flying which are: Thrust, Drag, Lift and weight.

In English we continued with our explanitory writing.

Thanks H! Glad to see you back!


  1. My name is Brandin Brosh and I attend the University of South Alabama. I am in a class where we also have to blog. I really enjoy it. Making the paper airplanes sounds fun. I remember doing that when I was your age as well. Where did you end up putting the paper clip at to make it fly the furthest?

    Riddles are also fun! You're right though, sometimes they can be really confusing!

    Keep up the good work in school!

  2. Hello Year 6L Class,
    My name is Tiffany Fey and I am a student at the University of South Alabama, majoring in Elementary Education. This semester I am taking EDM 310 (Education in Media) with Dr. Strange and one of my assignments is to comment on your blog for Comment for Kids. I think it is so great that your class is able to have fun when you are learning math, because one of the ways that has always helped me learn math is when I have fun doing it! I also love when students are able to do things that are hands-on like with the paper airplanes. Hands-on activities are the best especially when you are learning about science. I really enjoyed reading your blog, if you would like to view mine you can click Here. Thank you for letting me read your blog! I hope your class continues to learn such fun topics.
    Thank you,
    Tiffany Fey

  3. Anonymous10/4/11 02:09

    Mr Brosh,
    Yes, making paper airplanes does sound like fun and i bet you enjoyed it when you were our age. I ended up putting my paperclip in the front of the plane but i cant remember if it actually worked out.

    Yes, riddles are very fun and i mostly enjoyed the one with the 6 eggs in a basket... I was not able to figure out the riddle until my friend explained it for me. I agree with you that riddles can be hard.

  4. Hey, My name is Nell Broughton and I go to The University of South Alabama and a student in Dr. Stranges EDM 310 class! He made me commenting on your blog an assignment. I love looking at teachers and other kids blogs as assignments seeing what other people post on their blogs. I find it very interesting. I love the way that you all are learning math and having a good time doing it! I loved reading your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Anonymous11/4/11 23:55

    Hello Tiffany my name is Karim i am one of the students from class 6l and I would like to say that I agree that Hands on activities are the best because you have fun while you are learning. Also I would like to say thank you for reading our blog and commenting and our class hopes to hear from you again and good luck on your EDM 310.