12 February, 2014

"Have a Heart" Week

This week is "Have a Heart Week" at school. This week, the learners in school will be actively engaged in thinking about and doing random acts of kindness for a variety of members of our learning community at school.

As a class, we watched the two videos below and discussed how we could make our school and community a better place to be for everyone. Among our creations was a video based on the Kid President's 20 Things.

Recently, Year 5 have been learning about kindness boomerangs. Now, you may be wondering what is a “Kindness Boomerang”?

A Kindness Boomerang is where you do something kind to/for someone then that person who was helped does something kind to someone else and so on….

After the Kindness Boomerang has been to loads of people it comes back to you.

What are random acts of kindness?

A random act of kindness is something where you do something kind but you do it for no prize or reward at all and you get the choice you don’t have to do it.

So, why is being kind so important?

If people weren’t respectful no one would have friends and everyone would be lonely, people can feel more happy and cheery. William told us a story, where you see a homeless person everyday and you walk past the same man for 4 weeks and you haven’t seen him eat anything so you go buy him a sandwich and some water - that could change his day. You are not being forced to do it is your choice if you want to give him something to eat or not. It is important because we think of others not just ourselves all the time and we think that we are very lucky and that someday, we may need others to help us.

Year 5 also looked at a kindness boomerang video. Basically, it’s about one person being nice to someone then that person does something nice to someone else and it goes on and on. Finally, it comes back to the first person.

Year 5 also looked at the kid president video,
It’s about a kid standing in front of a chalkboard who tell’s us nice and kind words you should say to everybody, and why.

Atrin and Adriel made a video about “15 Things” we will try to say at Nexus. We used a green screen on iMovie to put drawing of them saying their nice thing. For example, one of us did “How are you today?” and his drawing was him saying it in the canteen to someone at a table.

In class, we also did a fun activity when we pulled a name out of a cup and we had to be kind to that person for a week. At the end of the week we have to guess who the person was! So now, we are thinking more about others and how we feel in their situation.

What can you do to get a Kindness Boomerang happening where you live?

It’s been great in Year 5!!!
By Daisy and Adriel

What could you do to make someone's day better?


  1. Anonymous13/2/14 13:43

    Hello people of the world!

    We hope you have enjoyed reading posts in this blog, have you whatched the videos? They are super kind and are very inspiring. If you haven't, you should.

    We liked the idea of the cup and being nice to someone for a week. It is sometimes hard not to force your kindness, but when someone really needs you, thats your queue!

    Do you have any ideas to add? Maybe we could put more pictures or videos on our blog? If you have a suggestion, please comment and share!

    Have a extremely kind and loved week!
    Johnson and Esmé
    Have A Heart! <3 

    1. Thanks for your comments Johnson and Esmé. The idea of the RAK friend was quite interesting and amusing watching the reactions of the class as we discovered our RAK friends! Some were truly shocked and some couldn't believe it! Was that because the RAK friend was so good at not being noticed the person was totally caught off guard? :)
      It was also nice to see children who normally spend no time together suddenly discovered that they had some things in common.
      Great! Maybe we should do this more regularly?
      Thanks for your great comment :)

  2. Anonymous13/2/14 13:49


    We have been learning about the 20 things we should say around nexus and also with the world. Like thank you and i know how you feel. And also we have been learning about the kindness boomerang, it is like when somebody does something good or something kind to other people and the kindness boomerang will come back to you. It's a very nice thing when you do something kind to other people especially when you don't want something in return.

    Iris and Aryana

    1. That's a great point girls. Random Acts of Kindness, or any act of kindness, should never be done because you expect some kind of reward later. If that's what happens, is it still an act of kindness? I don't think so. Kindness, has no price tag so it can be afforded by all. :)

  3. Anonymous19/2/14 10:49

    "Hi everybody!!!

    Th kindness boomerang is really great thing that every people should do .I think we should add more description to our learning or make some posters about our learning to our blog.
    What do you think?"
    By: Lucy 

  4. Anonymous23/2/14 13:22

    Hi everyone,

    I think The Kindness Boomerang is a great idea! I think in our classes we should make posters about what we think the Kindness Boomerang is actually for and how it makes our lives easier!
    What do you think?


  5. Anonymous6/3/14 10:22

    I thing have a heart week was fun help someone just because it's a good thing not for some reword. The video were funny but they also help you learn like the 20 thing you should say more often.