14 February, 2014

Pause for Thought: Commitment

"Pause for Thought" is a new weekly post.

A good place to start this series of posts, given the fact the Sochi Winter Olympics are in full swing, is with the idea of "Commitment."

 Commitment is the attitude a person has when they are completely dedicated or focussed on the succesful finishing of a task, activity or job of some sort. When a person is committed to a task or activity, they make sure that they do their best, that they are always seeking to improve and do what ever it takes to be the best. Often, we say people are committed when they struggle to perfect a skill, for example an ice hockey player perfecting a wrist shot, or a rugby player trying to improve his speed. This struggle, often happens over a long time, sometimes even years or decades.

Commitment can be found in a range of activities, not just sports. Student doctors are committed to knowing how to heal the sick, and a learner might be committed when they spend lots of time trying to improve their writing skills.

Here is a popular video on commitment which is quite popular on the Internet right now, perhaps you've seen it. Even if you are not into sports, you can, and should be, committed to improving something.

So, thinking about your learning, what are you committed to being the best at?


  1. Hi 5G,
    I really enjoyed this week's video about commitment.The video was trying to tell us that if we want to be perfect at something,you have to keep on practicing and never give up.If you are committed to something,you might not be good at it from the start but you will succeed if you continue.I want to be good at handwriting so I must try very hard.

  2. These are excellent ideas and comments James, thanks very much for adding them. You are right, true commitment may be needed for years to achieve what a person's goal is. It goes along with ideas like confidence and being principled. These are all great personal characteristics we all need to work towards.

  3. Anonymous19/2/14 16:33

    I really enjoy the video , the video tell us : if you are doing something don't give up , just like the babies in the video ,they all try there best to do something like try to walking , jumping . l will try my best to do my work.