17 February, 2014

If I Were Furniture ...

If I had to be a piece of furnitcher, I'm not quite sure what I'd be.

I wouldn't be fan because I'd get dizzy, nor a table because hot things would get put on me, and even something boiling or freezing could get spilt on me.

I would like to be a sink because I would get a little cold or hot water baths covering my surface, and be overflowing with bubbles. I could also be a bed. If I were a bed I would be puffy and bouncy and make people happy and jolly! On the other hand, I could be a beanbag, I would be fluffy (not in that fluffy way- in a cozy and cuddly way) and bouncy and comfy and lovely.

That is a lot!

I think mainly I'd like to be a sink!

What furnitcher piece would you be?

Remember that furnitcher is something big and hard to move, like a couch and table or a arm chair or massage chair.

By E.

Photo Credits:
Table and chairs: CrinkleCrackle.com
Sink and Bath Tub: Jennifer C


  1. Hello Year 5, I think this is a great post. If i were a piece of furnitcher i would be a chair because i would get sat on all the time (i don't know why) and i would be able to help people that are maybe disabled. Thanks for the great post. Hope to see more

  2. Hello World!

    I really like this post because It's like the furniture is trying to talk to you,
    If I was a piece of would furnitcher I would be a table because I like spying and hearing what people are saying to one another so being a table would be pretty cool!

    Thats all from me folks!

    Daisy 5g

  3. That is a very interesting post. I like the way you describe the water rushing around in the sink!

  4. Anonymous24/2/14 15:21

    I really like this post, I like the theme, but I wouldn't really know what furniture I want to be...

  5. Why did you write this poem? Do you rely want to be this stuff or is this a fun poem?