19 February, 2014

Personification Poem by Daniel

In our English lessons we are learning about figurative language. One area of figurative language, besides similes and metaphors, is personification. When a writer uses personification, they give an object, for example a chair, the human characteristics of feelings, thoughts or movement.

In the posts that follow, some of our learners have asked to share their personification poems with our blog visitors.

Please share your ideas with us.

Personification Poem by "Daniel"

I live in a classroom.
I can see the children working.
I can hear the students talking but can never make out what they're saying.
I can feel the students pushing me around.
I can make out the teachers writing on me.
I have a piece of paper called Amber.
I  always find writing on Amber every time I look.
I love to eat ink.
I see people smile as they do English, but on the other hand, I can see people frown when they do math.
My name is High White.

If you don't know what a personification poem is, it is a poem when you make something that is not alive (for example a chair) have the characteristics or traits of a human.

By Daniel


  1. great pome love the words that were in it. this made me fell as though i was there

    1. Anonymous26/2/14 09:40

      Thank for the great reply abbey,
      Do you know who i am?
      - Daniel

  2. Anonymous2/3/14 17:39

    Cool Poem!

    Would you be planning on making anymore?