30 October, 2009

Celebration of Learning (Inquiry - I Believe)

Hi Everyone,

We have just finished our first Celebration of Learning in 6L for this academic year and it has been very successful!

The children are to be congratulated for their creation of a fantastic array of products indicating what they have learned and why our topic of "I Believe" was so important to them and its relevence to the world.

Congratulations to all the children for the effort they have put in and I look forward to seeing what they will produce at the conclusion of our next unit called "The Global Markeplace".


Website of the week - National Georgraphic Kids

Sesame Street fans will remember this - "This week's WotW is brought to you by the letter "G" and the number "10"." The National Geographic website for kids is full of fun, games and interesting relevent environmental information. In polls among the class, this one rated a very high 8 out 10! The children enjoyed the way it was easy to navigate, provided easy to understand text and the pictures were interesting. Over the year, it is very likely the children will have ample opportunity to make use of this resource for their various Inquiry topics.

29 October, 2009

Educational Games

Hi Everyone,

Please find some good games to help out in Mathematics, Science, History and English, among others.


BBC Bitesize Revision:
Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Activity 4:
This game is fun!: Don't Panic 

Activity 5:
Equivalent Fractions: Make a Match 

Activity 6:
Fling the Teacher 

Activity 7:
Number Sense: Games Central 

Activity 8:
Mathematics, English & Science Activities: I Know That - Year 6 

Activity 9:
BBC Bitesize: Reading 

Activity 10:
MathsNet: Cruncher 

Activity 11:
Interactive Games: Multiplication.com 

Activity 12:
Interactive Games: Super Maths World 

Activity 13:
Learning about money: Lemonade Stand

Activity 14:
A varietry of Mathematics, Science and English Activities: Mr.Neussbaum

Activity 15:
Learn about wolves: Wolf Quest

Activity 16:
Art games: Art Games

Activity 17:
Math Games: Coolmath4kids

Activity 18:
Lots of different Activities: Kids Know it

Activity 19:
Lots of Different Activities: Kids Games

Activity 20:
ELearning lessons: E-learning for kids

Activity 21:
Professor Garfield Foundation: G Cubed

Activity 22:
The World of Peter Rabbit: Beatrix Potter

Activity 23:
Lots of Different Activities: Room 108

Activity 24:
Lots of Different Activities: Primary Games

Activity 25:
English Activities: KS2 Activities

Activity 26:
Spelling Games: Kidspell 

Activity 27:
Phonics Practice: See n Spell

Activity 28:

Kids Natural History Museum: AMNH

Activity 29:
Time Magazine for Kids: Time for Kids

Activity 30:
Woodlands Junior School: Games

Activity 31:
Art Activities: National Gallery of Art

Activity 32:
Strategy Activity:

Free Online Games brought to you by Armor Games

26 October, 2009

Thanks for attending the goal setting conferences

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to thank all the parents and carers who were able to attend the Pupil Goal Setting Conferences last week. It was an important educational moment for the children and they all appreciated the opportunbity to show how much they had thought about their learning journey for the term ahead.
Thanks again!


Hi Everyone!

This is just to let you know that parents should check their child's diary today. There is a message regarding the theatre trip on WEDNESDAY, which needs to be signed and returned with the diary.
Please do not rip the message out, we will do that when the diaries are returned. Any questions regarding payments, can be directed to Ms. Liz when she returns on Tuesday.

W. Lowe

25 October, 2009

The Monster Bash - some details

Hi Everyone,

This is just some follow-up information about the Monster Ball:

Monster Bash Costume Ball
Date: Thursday, 29th October, 2009.
Where: School auditorium
Time: 2:45 to 4:30pm

Price: Please see the form being sent home with pupils or contact the school office.
Who: KS1 pupils may attend with a parent. KS2 pupils may attend without a parent.

Parents: Parents are, of course, welcome and invited to dress up. Mums and Dads are needed to run the games and to provide cakes and cookies. Food items should not contain nuts or peanut oil. Please bring these treats to school on the morning of the 29th and leave them in the Primary School reception. The form being sent home with pupils has a tear-off  section where parents are asked to select transportation options. Thanks!


Non-uniform day

Hi Everyone,

This is just a reminder that Thursday is NOT a non-uniform day.


We've started biographies!

23 October, 2009

Schedule change for THURSDAY 29th OCTOBER ONLY


This is just to let you know that there has been a temporary schedule change. 6L's music lesson has been changed FROM Sunday to THURSDAY 29th October.

This is a one-off change and we will return to our normal music schedule on 01.11.09.


Week in Review (Free Choice) 22 10 09

M had the opportunity to write about any topic he found most interesting recently:

In school one thing I liked was P.E. We swam in the swimming pool. Some activities we have done were we dived in the deep pool so we can get a block. It was fun, also we played a game.

Thanks M!

Website of the week - Blast from the past!

This week's website of the week is a blast from the past but still relevent:
"Hi Everyone!
Well, it’s the start of another busy week!
Among my various tasks I’ve been trawling the Internet for some fun, useful websites for this week’s website of the week. There’s just one problem… there were too many to choose from!!
So, not being one to “split hairs” I’ve decided to put a few websites up this week for you to enjoy:
  1. (http://www.netsmartz.org/) This is a website which educates children (and parents) about responible use of the internet.
  2. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/meandmymovie/) This is a website run by the BBC which shows children how to make really interesting videos.
  3. (http://www.poetry4kids.com/) In keeping with our English theme of Poetry, this is a good site for funny poems for children.
  4. (http://www.harcourtschool.com/glossary/grammar/index_pt.html) Finally this site helps children practice their grammar rules. Select a Grade and begin.
I hope you enjoy the sites I’ve listed and, if you find any which you think our class might enjoy, let me know!
Until next time! Take Care,

This will be a continuing feature of the website, so please either subscribe to the RSS feed if you know how, or simply drop by every week or so for some new websites which we hope you'll find helpful and fun.

Week in Review (Mathematics) 22 10 09

After we got back from the two weeks off school we had to revise the math work we did on the computer.
First we revised x24, x100, x10 and x25. After we revised all that work we started to work on some shapes like:
Regular Polygons

We worked on their angles and lines of symmetry, after a while of practice we worked on their perimeter and then we did some work with the triangle rulers and some of the shape midpoints.

I think that is about it, we’ve learned all that through October!

Thanks M!

22 October, 2009

Week in Review (English) 22 10 09

In English we have been working on issue poems. Issue poems are poems that talk about an issue that you particularity care about. For example, if you are concerned about whaling then you would write a poem about how it makes you feel, what it causes, and why you shouldn’t do it. Before you write your poem, you draw a min map. In the middle you would have your issue and connected to it would be words and pictures that you could use in your poem. Also, every 2 lines have to rhyme with each other. I did mine on global warming. If we don’t take care of the Earth, then in the future it could end up destroyed. The kind of words I had connecting to it are words like horrible, terrible, and dreadful.

Thanks K!

Week in Review (Guided Reading) 22 10 09

During this week my group for guided reading have focoused on one book "the call of the selkie" this book so far has been very interesting it capturvated our minds and made us wanna read more! .
I would recommened this book to children that like to read books or stories about environment or otherwise 9+.
I hope that pupils will read this and then go onto reading "The Call of the Selkie".

Week in Review (Inquiry) 22 10 09

In inquiry we have started doing our summative tasks we did it by the teachers sending us a chart saying different activities we could do and we had to choose two I chose to write two recipes one of my country, Spain and one of Hungary the other one I did is with a partner and we did a non-discrimination t-shirt it was really fun!!!

Thanks P!

21 October, 2009

Summative Task Due Date - Update

Hi Everyone,

As indicated earlier, we are unable to have the Inquiry Summative Task Due Date and the International Day celebrations on the same day.

I has been decided then, that the Summative Tasks for the Inquiry Topic "I Believe" will be due MONDAY 26th October.

Please remember that you must make sure you are using your time wisely!


20 October, 2009

A Busy week Ahead

Hi Everyone,

Well, we have a very busy week ahead! First of all, Wednesday evening is the final evening of Pupil Goal Setting Conferences. I would like to thank all the parents who were able to attend the first session a few days ago, and I look forward to meeting everyone else this coming Wednesday.

Then we have the International Day celebrations on Thursday. International Day is a fun tradition where we get to see the national outfits of everyone from the school community.

Please be advised that our Celebration of Learning, which was originally scheduled for Thursday as well, is under review for a suitable alternative day. I will advise everyone here about the exact date and time as soon as it is decided.

Have a great week!

18 October, 2009

Fishing (Limerick)

One day while fishing in a pond,
I got distrcted by a frond.
I made a wish.
To catch a fish.
Instead, I sank in the pond.

Thanks S!

17 October, 2009

Week in Review (Free Choice) 15 10 09

K had the option to select any topic.


In Inquiry one of the things we have been learning about are Totem Poles. They are carved wooden pillars made by the Native American Indians. They are usually carved into animals that represent the animal for a family. Totem Poles usually have an interesting story to tell. We had to make our own miniature Totem Pole and we had to make 5 carvings that had to be pictures of something to do with a tradition that your family celebrates. Instead of having a piece of wood to carve into, we go a long stick and we had to shape clay around it. I chose to do Christmas and I had a present, a Santa hat, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, and an ornament. 

Thanks K!

Week in Review (Mathematics) 15 10 09

For the past week in Mathematics we have been reviewing work from our H1N1 break. The class also started learning BODMAS and different methods of calculating. 
The last 2 days of the week we started parallelograms and rhombus's ,we also learnt how do do Venn diagrams. 
A Venn diagram is one large oval around two overlapping ovals in the middle forming a little diamond where the 2 smaller ovals overlap. 
Our class also looked at French mathmatition Pascel's triangle in one of our lessons and found out what  Pascal's Triangle is.

Thanks G!

Week in Review (Inquiry) 15 10 09

Website Paragraph: Inquiry

This term's inquiry was really fun and we did allot. The topic in this inquiry is called 'I Believe.'
In Mr Lowe's class we had to think of a culture and look up what type of weddings they had such as what they wore, what they ate or what they did and how they were connected to their cultures. Then, after we had found out enough, we had to bring in some boxes and create a scene of the wedding in the box using plasterscene, felt tips and some other things.
I thought making the scenes in the boxes was fun and I liked looking at other peoples scenes. From this I have learned about different cultures and how they celebrate weddings and some of their beliefs.

Thanks S!

Pupil Work - Poems

Nonsense Poem

8-10  around Big Ben,

6-9 clapping in time,

3-4 demanding more,

2-5 pigs like jive,

1-3 stung by a bee,

3-7 I've never been to Devon,

1-2 playing the didgeridoo,

2-4 waiting at your door.

Computer Keyboard

I have a grey bumpy, shelly skin ,
I have tattoed words and letters all over me ,
5 legged octopus's dance and play all over me ,
I have a pet mouse which follows me everywhere.
I only have small, stubby legs.

Limerick !!!

I spoke to my dad
who has been very bad ,
he didnt care
that he spent his airfare ,
So now I can pretend I am mad!

Poetry Podcasts!

I'd like to thank the volunteers from class to be our first podcasters for 2009-2010. We hope you enjoy the poems and other podcasts we make over the rest of the year!

Stationary Eater


The Sweet

The Laptop

The Butterfly


Animal Tricks

Annie the A.C.

Pencil Case

11 October, 2009

M reads her poem "Jelly"

Please wait for the reading to fully load. Then, click the play button.

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10 October, 2009

Week in Review (English) 04 10 09

The past week in English we have been focusing on poetry like limericks , personifaction and others. During our lessons we have been writing our own poems either in partners or without. Mr lowe also asked us to start punctuating each others .
Also we have been reveiwing what we did in the break for the past week and sharing ideas of poetry.
Thanks G!

09 October, 2009

Week in Review (Inquiry) 04 10 09

Inquiry (ART)

In inquiry our topic was i believe. All three classes swapped around in different groups three diferrent times, each time we do a different thing.For the first week or two we were making totenpoles and that was so fun.

What you need:

you need wooden bamboo sticks and clay.

How to make totenpoles :

first you choose a tradition and plan it by drawing.Example:christmas, birthday, valentines day, ramadan etc.

Then you make your last thing for example if your doing a birthday you can put a present on the bottom.

After that you put everything from the top or do it around the bamboo stick.

Now you need to leave it to dry and when it dries you should paint it in whatever colour you like.

And now you are ready!


I chose a birthday because I enjoy celebrating my birthday.

Thanks M!

Week in Review (EDU20 & Vyew.com) 04 10 09

Edu20 and Vyew

We had a two week break away from school in September due to the H1N1. We have still been able to communicate with each other through Edu20 and Vyew.

On Edu20, we use chat to ask any questions on our homework we can also ask anything that we don't understand. We are able to know who is there because their name and icon appears on the screen.

Edu20 includes blogs, homework, messages, calander, classes, overview and forums.

To get to Edu20, you should click on edu20.org then type your user id and password, you will then find the homepage and you are there.

Vyew is slightly different, on vyew we are able to have our lessons. Mr Lowe invites all the class to attend. He is able to explain by using the microphone and we can hear him through our speakers. All students are able to contribute in the lesson by either typing when asked to or listening to the lesson or by drawing or writing.

To get to vyew, you have to go to your email on yahoo, msn, google or hotmail then you type your email address and password. You will find a message from Mr. Lowe inviting you to the Maths or English lesson, open it then you will find the site click on it, HORRAY you are there.

Edu20 and Vyew have made it easier for us to communicate and have access at anytime to be able to ask our teacher anything we are stucked with.

Thanks to Mr. Lowe, we have learnt a new way of studing.

Thanks A!

Week in Review (Mathematics) 04 10 09

Hi, in this week at school, in maths we have been learning about how to check our work with inverse operations! This is an example of what inverse operations are:

276+796=1072 and the inverse operation is: 1072-796=276 or: 1072-276=796

We have been doing that type of work and it has been lots of fun! One of the things we did was we had to do about 5 questions and then work out the answer then check the answer by using inverse operations!

Above, it shows an inverse operation with addition and checking it with subtraction here is one that is with multiplication and checked with division:
148 x 7 = 1036 and the inverse operation is: 1036 / 148 = 7 the "/" means "divided by". Another way of writing the inverse operation is: 1036 / 7 = 148.
Thank you for reading my ideas!
Thanks P!