29 October, 2009

Educational Games

Hi Everyone,

Please find some good games to help out in Mathematics, Science, History and English, among others.


BBC Bitesize Revision:
Activity 1:

Activity 2:

Activity 3:

Activity 4:
This game is fun!: Don't Panic 

Activity 5:
Equivalent Fractions: Make a Match 

Activity 6:
Fling the Teacher 

Activity 7:
Number Sense: Games Central 

Activity 8:
Mathematics, English & Science Activities: I Know That - Year 6 

Activity 9:
BBC Bitesize: Reading 

Activity 10:
MathsNet: Cruncher 

Activity 11:
Interactive Games: Multiplication.com 

Activity 12:
Interactive Games: Super Maths World 

Activity 13:
Learning about money: Lemonade Stand

Activity 14:
A varietry of Mathematics, Science and English Activities: Mr.Neussbaum

Activity 15:
Learn about wolves: Wolf Quest

Activity 16:
Art games: Art Games

Activity 17:
Math Games: Coolmath4kids

Activity 18:
Lots of different Activities: Kids Know it

Activity 19:
Lots of Different Activities: Kids Games

Activity 20:
ELearning lessons: E-learning for kids

Activity 21:
Professor Garfield Foundation: G Cubed

Activity 22:
The World of Peter Rabbit: Beatrix Potter

Activity 23:
Lots of Different Activities: Room 108

Activity 24:
Lots of Different Activities: Primary Games

Activity 25:
English Activities: KS2 Activities

Activity 26:
Spelling Games: Kidspell 

Activity 27:
Phonics Practice: See n Spell

Activity 28:

Kids Natural History Museum: AMNH

Activity 29:
Time Magazine for Kids: Time for Kids

Activity 30:
Woodlands Junior School: Games

Activity 31:
Art Activities: National Gallery of Art

Activity 32:
Strategy Activity:

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  1. I think thee games are realy good and fun because they don't all go strait to the games but they also go to game sites. My favorate game site is coolmath4kids because it has one of my all favorate games, Blocsorz.

  2. These games are realy fun. I think there good because there fun and educational.