09 October, 2009

Week in Review (Mathematics) 04 10 09

Hi, in this week at school, in maths we have been learning about how to check our work with inverse operations! This is an example of what inverse operations are:

276+796=1072 and the inverse operation is: 1072-796=276 or: 1072-276=796

We have been doing that type of work and it has been lots of fun! One of the things we did was we had to do about 5 questions and then work out the answer then check the answer by using inverse operations!

Above, it shows an inverse operation with addition and checking it with subtraction here is one that is with multiplication and checked with division:
148 x 7 = 1036 and the inverse operation is: 1036 / 148 = 7 the "/" means "divided by". Another way of writing the inverse operation is: 1036 / 7 = 148.
Thank you for reading my ideas!
Thanks P!