09 October, 2009

Week in Review (EDU20 & Vyew.com) 04 10 09

Edu20 and Vyew

We had a two week break away from school in September due to the H1N1. We have still been able to communicate with each other through Edu20 and Vyew.

On Edu20, we use chat to ask any questions on our homework we can also ask anything that we don't understand. We are able to know who is there because their name and icon appears on the screen.

Edu20 includes blogs, homework, messages, calander, classes, overview and forums.

To get to Edu20, you should click on edu20.org then type your user id and password, you will then find the homepage and you are there.

Vyew is slightly different, on vyew we are able to have our lessons. Mr Lowe invites all the class to attend. He is able to explain by using the microphone and we can hear him through our speakers. All students are able to contribute in the lesson by either typing when asked to or listening to the lesson or by drawing or writing.

To get to vyew, you have to go to your email on yahoo, msn, google or hotmail then you type your email address and password. You will find a message from Mr. Lowe inviting you to the Maths or English lesson, open it then you will find the site click on it, HORRAY you are there.

Edu20 and Vyew have made it easier for us to communicate and have access at anytime to be able to ask our teacher anything we are stucked with.

Thanks to Mr. Lowe, we have learnt a new way of studing.

Thanks A!