09 October, 2009

Week in Review (Inquiry) 04 10 09

Inquiry (ART)

In inquiry our topic was i believe. All three classes swapped around in different groups three diferrent times, each time we do a different thing.For the first week or two we were making totenpoles and that was so fun.

What you need:

you need wooden bamboo sticks and clay.

How to make totenpoles :

first you choose a tradition and plan it by drawing.Example:christmas, birthday, valentines day, ramadan etc.

Then you make your last thing for example if your doing a birthday you can put a present on the bottom.

After that you put everything from the top or do it around the bamboo stick.

Now you need to leave it to dry and when it dries you should paint it in whatever colour you like.

And now you are ready!


I chose a birthday because I enjoy celebrating my birthday.

Thanks M!