19 September, 2009

The week in review - Guided Reading

For the first two weeks in Year6L we’ve started Guided Reading and we were put into our groups. Our group is the green group and we started reading ‘The Terrible Power of the House Rabbit’, it's about this really messy family that buys a house rabbit that seems to be very tidy and doesn’t like all the mess around the house. It has big disturbing eyes and would hypnotize the family and make them clean up. Although we haven’t finished the 63 pages of the book yet and we’re still in the first 17 pages there’s been lots of funny things we’ve read about like: How the rabbit makes little, neat droppings on the litter box.
This book was written by Susan Gates and was first published in 1999. Susan got the idea of the House Rabbit from one of her friends that was allergic to the straw in the cages so she got a House Rabbit and that is how the idea started!

Thanks M!