23 October, 2009

Website of the week - Blast from the past!

This week's website of the week is a blast from the past but still relevent:
"Hi Everyone!
Well, it’s the start of another busy week!
Among my various tasks I’ve been trawling the Internet for some fun, useful websites for this week’s website of the week. There’s just one problem… there were too many to choose from!!
So, not being one to “split hairs” I’ve decided to put a few websites up this week for you to enjoy:
  1. (http://www.netsmartz.org/) This is a website which educates children (and parents) about responible use of the internet.
  2. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/meandmymovie/) This is a website run by the BBC which shows children how to make really interesting videos.
  3. (http://www.poetry4kids.com/) In keeping with our English theme of Poetry, this is a good site for funny poems for children.
  4. (http://www.harcourtschool.com/glossary/grammar/index_pt.html) Finally this site helps children practice their grammar rules. Select a Grade and begin.
I hope you enjoy the sites I’ve listed and, if you find any which you think our class might enjoy, let me know!
Until next time! Take Care,

This will be a continuing feature of the website, so please either subscribe to the RSS feed if you know how, or simply drop by every week or so for some new websites which we hope you'll find helpful and fun.

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