17 October, 2009

Week in Review (Mathematics) 15 10 09

For the past week in Mathematics we have been reviewing work from our H1N1 break. The class also started learning BODMAS and different methods of calculating. 
The last 2 days of the week we started parallelograms and rhombus's ,we also learnt how do do Venn diagrams. 
A Venn diagram is one large oval around two overlapping ovals in the middle forming a little diamond where the 2 smaller ovals overlap. 
Our class also looked at French mathmatition Pascel's triangle in one of our lessons and found out what  Pascal's Triangle is.

Thanks G!

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  1. Anonymous6/11/09 17:08

    The explanation you gave was kind of confusing but I understood it! You did "do do" but I know it was by accident! I really liked your explanation ;)