17 October, 2009

Poetry Podcasts!

I'd like to thank the volunteers from class to be our first podcasters for 2009-2010. We hope you enjoy the poems and other podcasts we make over the rest of the year!

Stationary Eater


The Sweet

The Laptop

The Butterfly


Animal Tricks

Annie the A.C.

Pencil Case


  1. I loved the poems there very clever. My favourite one was "Jelly" by "M".
    I really like you blog, it is very colourful.
    From, DJ!

  2. I think the podcasts are good but you should try to do them with less background nosie. That would make them realy good.

  3. these podcats are great, i loved them they are really fun. :)

  4. i really think that the people who did the podcasts worked extremly hard. The best one was Jelly by m. great job.

  5. The Pencil case by Monica. Is fun I like it. The background noise is loud can't it be more quiter

  6. Stationary eater

    I like the way of , how the rythm goes but there are so much words that have ,end with "eat" sound I think she could have changed ,, the rhyming words that she has used . She also , needs to say it with , expressions .

  7. I love the podcasts because the sound coming out of them sounds like they are standing right infront of you. So I declare them the awsomest podcasts ever!!!!!!!

  8. Animal tricks

    It is very interesting but , it was very short and the there was lot of , noise in the background .