08 February, 2014

Hoorah! We're Quadblogging!

Finally, we have had our blog put into a quad for blogging.

What is a Quadblog?

It is a set of four distinct classes which team up together to read and post comments on other class' blogs on a rotating basis. The classes can be anywhere on planet earth! It is a great way to build relationships, and have a time tested writing and reading experience.

Each week or so, one of the four class blogs becomes the focus of the other three classes, which then visit, read posts and send in comments and occasionally write guest posts.

This is our first quadblogging experience, and we are the first in the school to try it, so we are super hyped!

Here are the other three member classes of our Quadblog:
  1. Driving in 4th (Ms. McLean's 4th Grade class in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)
  2. Year 5 Class blog (Chalfont St Giles Village School, UK) 
  3. Mrs Dacey's Class (Australia)
We are really looking forward to making some great friends in three different parts of the world!


  1. We think Quadblogging would be a great idea.

    by James and Ziyi

  2. Anonymous10/2/14 14:37


    We Are so interested about quad blogging. Quad blogging sounds really exiting and fun!

    When are we going to start blogging with the other schools and add some comments on their wall?

    Iris and James!

    1. This is a great question, and I have been holding off telling you until I know for sure. But we begin on Monday 24th February. We will be visiting our partner blog first.
      I'm glad you are so excited, great to hear!

  3. Anonymous10/2/14 14:40

    Hello everyone,
    I think it is a blog we are so elated to do quadblogging!! We think quadblogging is a good idea because it is great to have a friendship and relationship each other. And we can see what they are learning about lately.
    by: Lucy& Aryana.

  4. Anonymous10/2/14 14:41

    Dear Visitors,

    We like the idea of Quadblogging because it could be a great experience learning how other schools get along and what they are dicovering. It can be a pleasure chatting and learning about different schools and learners. We hope people enjoy visiting our blog and learning about 5G, and maybe 5B.

    They have a blog shared with us. Last year their teacher's blog got way over 5000 views, because of a special event and over 2 years of blogging.

    We hope you all enjoy the experience of visiting. We are excited to vist your blog, or to read your comments (if you don't have a blog)!
    Do you have any ideas for us to add? Send us a comment and we'll think!

    Happy Blogging! 

    Sent from, Johnson and Esmé @ Nexus International School Singapore

  5. Anonymous10/2/14 14:42

    Hello year 5,
    I think QuadBlogging is good because we get to see how other blogs in different country's do there blogging. We think that if we go to there blog and they come to ours we will get ideas
    Daniel & Doga

  6. We think quadbloging would be a great idea

    by James and Ziyi

  7. Anonymous13/2/14 13:49

    Dear Visitors,

    We like the idea of Quadblogging because it could be a great experience learning how other schools get along with their blogging!

    NISS Johnson and Esmé 