11 April, 2014

5G Sings!

Year 5 gave a fabulous rendition of "Alexander's Cat" complete with actions. Voices were clear and you hit every note! Great job!


  1. Anonymous11/4/14 12:00

    Hello All,
    Today's Assembly was great. We all had so much fun, singing in front of the huge happy crowd they all seemed happy. After our great song (Alexander's cat.) The teachers did a couple of mimes about littering,arguing and cutting in line. So officially they showed us what being dis-respectful looked like.

    Doga And Iris

  2. Anonymous11/4/14 12:03


    I think it was fun getting to sing in front of people. .At the first try we were nervous and shy but on the second try we were more confident and less worried about singing something wrong. We hope we can do it again.


  3. Anonymous11/4/14 12:18

    Dear William,

    I really enjoyed the singing today! We even got a second chance to sing, so we sang at the start of assembly and at the end. The first time we sang ' Alexander's cat' ,I was scared that the audience didn't enjoy the song. But we sang the song for the second time, everyone joined in so I thought we sang better and I was overjoyed!

    Happy Blogging!

    Esmé 

  4. Hi G4, we were practicing singing for our performance too, and we were dancing too.