22 April, 2014

Celebrating Earth Day this week - Tuesday (Earth Day)

Happy Earth Day!

Today, 5G wrote their pledges on how each of us are going to make a change in our own lives to help save the Earth and improve everyone's life. A pledge is more than simply a promise. It is something we agree to do and are committed to seeing it happen.We've placed those pledges on small green leaves which are now being put up on a tree outside the Staff room. In two weeks, we'll have a look to see how well we kept our pledges!

Today, we watched and discussed this video on saving the Earth...

Thinking about your learning, what pledge could you make to improve the health of the Earth?


  1. Earth day is today. We are going paperless

  2. Anonymous23/4/14 10:05

    Hi Alden,
    On Earth day we promised we would do something to save the environment. I promised that I would only play games for 30 mins on weekdays and 1 hr on weekends. My partner promised he would never leave the water running while brushing his teeth.
    We look forward to replying to your next comments!
    Oliver & James

  3. Earth day is about the world. You should clean the world.

    1. Anonymous24/4/14 13:40

      Hi Eli,

      Yes Eli, that is right we should clean the world when it's earth day. But not just earth day we should also clean the earth every single day. Every one should learn the three R's because it's very helpful and useful. The three R's means Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.