22 October, 2010

Week in Review 21/10/10

Last Tuesday Year 6 went on a trip to old Cairo. As soon as we got to school we met in Ms.Lowis class and Mr.W's class and we got ready for the trip.
When we arrived we ate a snack then we went to the mosque,we had to take our shoes off.
The mosque was big it had a water fountain.
Later we went to a very old and small church, it had lots of pictures and it had lots of candles.
After that we went to the synagogue, it had two places to pray the men pray downstairs and the women pray upstairs.
Finally we went to the hanging church, it is called hanging church because it was hanging up and we could see that through the glass floor and through the windows .
Then we walked back to the buses , I did not enjoy all the walking.

Thanks S!

Here are some pictures of the places we visited taken by JB. Some places did not allow flash photography:
Snack before starting our journey
Our first stop

Inside the mosque

The fountains

On the approach to the church

On the approach to the church

The Hanging Church
Thanks for the great pictures J! They will be part of our virtual tour as well! :)

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