11 March, 2014

My favourite book (by Daniel) "Itch" by Simon Mayo

My Favourite Book is

"the explosive adventures of an element hunter"
This is my favourite book because i like going on adventures and this book has it all. I also like this book because it is about chemicals and explosions and someone who goes on a lot of adventures to find his elements. 

I would not recommend this book to a friend unless they liked science because there is a lot of science involved in Itch

The main characters in this book are: Itch, Chloe (Itch's Sister), Jack (Itch's Cousin), Cake (the dealer of the radioactive rock), Itch's Mum, Itch's Dad and Dr Flowerdew (Teacher).

At the start of the book he has a phosphorous explosion in his bedroom. At the time his mom is not at home yet and he blows his eyebrows off! When his mom gets home she is so mad because he had blown up his bedroom but also because there is a slight chance that his eyebrows wont grow back! He is always active and he goes on really fun adventures. 

He meets friends and enemies on the way, 

One of his friends that he meets is "Cake" he is the dealer that "Itch" got all his elements from. "Itch" Then buys a rock that is so radioactive that it sent 10,000 clicks per second on the Geiger counter. He also buys an arsenic wallpaper which he then takes into the Greenhouse and everyone gets sick! After that the school had to take down the Greenhouse

If you want to read more get the book on his website
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The author of this book is SIMON MAYO he has another book called

"Itch" really does rock

Would you like to read my favourite book?


  1. Dear everyone,
    If you would like to read my book reply to this comment and tell me what you think will happen

  2. Anonymous15/3/14 12:39

    Hi Daniel,

    Wow! Sounds like a Great book to get into! I love adventures and science and this book seems to have it all! I thought it was funny how he blew up his bedroom and was left without any eyebrows...Can't wait to see what Element he finds next!

    James V